"...While others try to have it their way"

One player who suffered more than most was Dale Graham from Florida who controls a powerful cleric called Seyiyes.

Mr Graham sat in front of his computer for days waiting for Ragefire to turn up, only to have his guild’s chance to kill it snatched away by another group called Silent Resurgence.

“It really hurt our entire guild,” Mr Graham told BBC News Online. “We have lost many members.”

“I have played very little in the last two weeks,” he said, “a lot of it is because of loss of respect and love for the game.”

It really worries me that there are people like this out there.

Mr Graham has been told that Verant is investigating the “kill-stealing” incident he suffered and that action could be taken against Silent Resurgence if they are found to have broken the game’s rules.

Oh you naughty boys - better run and hide now before mommy finds out ! :roll:

Dale Graham - to use a time honoured phrase - Get a life !

Maybe they need to implement a reservation system.

“You have been scheduled to battle Ragefire at 9:11 PM Sept. 18, 2002. Your confirmation code is OMFG-ROFL. Missed appointments are non-refundable. Happy hunting!”

  • Alan


Ah yes, the “clicker”. My ex-neighbor became a shambling, cheetos-stuffed zombie trying to get this thing at the beginning of the year. One of his parents had just died, and at the funeral, he caught his girlfriend making out with one of his EQ guildmates. I trust I can leave that without further comment. Anyway, he consoled himself with EQ and the quest for the magical clicker. As far as I know, he still hasn’t gotten it

What this article doesn’t double underline enough is that when they say “days” sitting for Ragefire, they mean “multiple twenty-four hour periods of stationary monitor staring”. And they don’t also seem to mention that even if Ragefire does “pop”, it takes an entire, well-organized guild to take him out. My friend never got one, not because some EQ terrorist “stole his camp!!! whine whine whine” but because his guild couldn’t take down Ragefire, meaning they lost their turn in queue.

As a bully, my first instinct when I see someone wasting fortyeight hours of their real life to get an imaginary device that will, hypothetically, allow them to raise imaginary computer people from a completely non-permanent death - well, I just want to kill them. But I’m sure EQ addicts across the world are reading this article and saying Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

PS: Is kill-stealing even a “rule” in EQ? I always thought it was just sort of a presumed, player good will policy?

I remember camping my first time in Najena for Sow boots thinking, “This games starting to get stupid”. I hope they take out excessively long camping from these games. Its dumb and boring. But I think enough players have proved its actually great for making money. DUMB! :D