Who has your favorite avatar, and why is it Brian Rubin?

I now read everything @BrianRubin types in the Goldblummiest of voices, and it has enriched my QT3 experience immeasurably.

Oh thank god I’m not the only one doing that.


HAhahaha yay! I wanted a custom emoji for work, and found these:

And just fell in love.

<3 <3 <3

We might need a forum avatar showdown.

@kerzain vs @BrianRubin

Leave that playing while you’re reading Brian’s posts or listening to SGJ.

Alternatively: remix it!

Nothing beats this for me:

That’s hilarious, but I was secretly hoping he was going to do the thing this guy does with the fake pronounciations:

I’ve always been partial to @Ginger_Yellow’s avatar.
I read everything he writes as if he’s shouting down the opposition.

How about ten hours of Brian Jeff purring?

I saw him in real life one time! At a breakfast cafe in Los Angeles!!

When I worked at Kenny’s Castaways he actually ran into me. He was running down the street and turned around for a second. “Ooh, sorry. Really, really sorry!” Then he was off. I stood there for a second, in shock. Then I said, “You’re Jeff Goldblum…”

ehh… Your Deborah Harry encounter was better.
Still though, good story. I wonder why he was in such a hurry.

Wait, I have a Debbie Harry sighting also. I saw her coming out of the audience after a screening of The Ring.

Rich, have we seen all the same celebrities??

Have we ever been seen together? Hmmmm…

You guys.