Who wants a Steam Deck?

So Valve did it, a Switch-like running PC games. Running a Zen 2 CPU with a RDNA GPU, like modern consoles. The GPU is roughly 40% the performance of an Xbox Series S, but it only has a 1200x800 7" screen (much like the Switch) so that should be more than fast enough.

Starts at $399, although you’ll probably want the $529 model for 4x the non-MMC storage.

Runs SteamOS, not Windows-- but Proton is pretty dang great these days so that may not really be a problem.

Preorders open July 16th at 10AM PT. Ships December.

I’ll need to wait to check what games it can run and if it’s available in the EU without having to pay through the nose.

Cheaper than a GPU!

Looks pretty cool. Seems like reasonable pricing too.

So the CPU is a 4c/8t Zen2 bursting to 3.5Ghz, which is very respectable.

The GPU, on the other hand, is only 8 RDNA2 CUs at 1.6Ghz. Compare that to the XSS which is 20 CUs also at 1.6Ghz. So expect gaming performance to be under half of the XSS. The screen is 800p so that’s really more fine, but it may look a bit blurry on a TV, much like the Switch.

I will reserve one if I can.

What’s XSS?

This is instantly the best choice for playing PC games handheld, if it lives up to what Valve says. Of course the competition is pretty scarce.

@rei: Xbox Series S

This is super cool. I like that I’ll be able to play my Steam save file of Hades and get the Switch-like experience.

Indeed, and the touchpads on the left and right should echo the long lamented Steam Controller for games with mouse controls, or when you need to navigate menus, etc, and it isn’t fully gamepad enabled.

It really is a very cool concept, and looks to be well-designed hardware. Just don’t think I would use one.

I’m going to wait. I jumped on the Steam Controller immediately and I regretted that decision. While the controller did work, it was so fiddly that I just never got used to it. Plus, quality of materials just felt cheap.

I’ll let others test this one first.

I’m not preordering, but that’s because I don’t think I’d use it. I really don’t play games on the go. If I did, I would be excited-- my Steam library is immense.

Also note it has grip buttons on the rear. Is this the first “console” to offer them out of the box?

I want one, but the Steam Controller never became available on Brazil, so I’m not holding my breath. ;)

I loved my Steam controller!

This maybe a no-brainer, as it’s mainly what I want my Switch to be these days!

It won’t have the Nintendo exclusive games, but it does have your Steam library, which is likely ginormous.

Looks pretty cool. If I travelled a lot I’d probably get one.

I really like this idea and while I love my Switch and use it for this purpose (plus Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and other franchises Steam will never get) I do like the idea of portable games like Pathfinder or Pillars of Eternity 2 or something. I’d go for the big one though - not for the disk size (that’s nice of course), but rather that anti-glare etched screen. If I’m hand held, anti-glare is something I’d be very very interested in.

Love it, can’t really justify buying it. But I love everyone putting effort into Proton a bit more.
I wonder how/if strategy games will adapt to it, probably not.

That’s a good point. Sitting outdoors you need antiglare. Does the switch have it?

For mouse control it has those dual touchpads, similar to the steam controller. Not great by any means, but it is usable.

No, and it’s basically unplayable outside of a grey sky kind of day, in my experience, or just the perfect angle. If you are in the back seat of a car and it’s blue skies, just put it away and pull out your Kindle unless you want to hold it perfectly still at the correct angle the entire time. Doable but not ideal.