The hell do you think you are?

On first?

Put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?


Knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?


(looks down on next message - so to speak)

I spit out like a sewer hole and still recieve your kiss / How can I measure up to anyone now after such a love as this!

Where do you think you’re going?!

(with this)

Line is it, anyway?

… stole my heart away?
… makes me dream all day
Dreams I know can never come true, seems as though I’ll ever be blue?
… means my happiness?
… would I answer yes to?
Well you ought to guess who – no one but you.

Who do the Hell you think you are?

Let the dogs out?

Cut the cheese?

What, where, how", Master of Disguise


The fuck are you?

Hooo ho hoooo ho


EDIT: Nevermind, I mistook this for the Whom thread.

…so ever shall be found without the soul for getting down.