Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?

Hope you like summer sausage. ^^

I so want a guided missile strike. Wait. Do I say what it hits, or does it hit me?

I’m in. God help help us all…

And it’s Christmas, Goddammit!!! or Hanukkah…!!! I dunno!! What time is it??!

d20, Mister!

I’m in. Ho, ho… wait for it … wait… almost there…it’s coming… ho!

I have lurked on these threads for a few years - keen to jump in but not wanting to disappoint my secret santee. I live in Luxembourg - how many fellow EU dwellers are usually participants?

It’s been a few years since I remembered to sign up for this. I’m in again this year.

Hey, can’t tell you the percentile, but there sure are a bunch of Europeans that normally participate!

Last year, we had 6 players in Europe. Invite your friends and we’ll have more!

If you are like @Galadin and you get assigned the organizer for the 4th year in a row, please tell me!

What, I don’t get to buy more games for you this year @fire?

Oh, and I am IN again this year.

Perhaps we need to Secret Santa with *MATHS!

<< * (sorry)

In! I look forward to fretting and investigating this gift more than any others for the season.


@dwinn’s labeling on the gift he sent his Santee was excellent.

In as always. I had a to. Of fun both shopping and receiving last year :)

I am so in! The most wonderfully geeky time of the year!

Is lingering on an Alison Brie Gif from Community for about 5 minutes (when you went looking for other Christmas stuff…and got distracted) creepy?

What’s a diminishing return?

There is still over a month for signups?

Secret Santa seems to start earlier every year!