Why does Google Chrome need 800 Meg to run?!

That seems ridiculous. Last I checked QT3 and the Paradox website aren’t running global weather simulators on their forum software. Are all browsers this voracious nowadays?

Chrome will aggressively use RAM to precache pages you might link to next and otherwise improve performance. Most computers have so much RAM that quibbling over a few hundred megabytes isn’t worth the worry.

Try closing your QT3 tab and reopening it. QT3/Discourse has an issue where it progressively takes more and more memory for me - which is less of an issue at home than at work where it will get up to 1+GB of my system’s 8.

I need to maximize my RAM for my highly modded Kerbal Space Program, but I often have Chrome open for referencing information I need. So losing 1/16 my RAM in this context is really bad.

OK txs.

It should go down if the machine is under memory pressure, and windows should be able to page whatever it doesn’t she on its own. Unless you’re actually seeing performance problems, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I do see performance drops, but it’s hard to parse if it’s just the mods at the time or having Chrome running too.

I have so much stuff open at work that chrome often fails as even the swap file is full. So I definitely disagree with this claim:

Squeeze out every last byte!

I’ve been there, but it’s mostly rednecks.

I periodically close Chrome and reopen it. I typically have 10+ tabs open. I think mem usage stays low until you actually click its tab. It definitely creeps up over time.

I’m using firefox on this PC, and its currently using ,1600MB of RAM to display tweetdeck, this forum, another forum and google calendar.
Its absolutely fucking ridiculous and cannot be excused by preaching some html and jpg/png files. Its just awful, unoptimised, bloated code.

How did these developers get so lazy?

It may help to think that every tab is running an individual (Javascript) application. There’s hardly any web pages out there that’s just a static HTML + picture page anymore.

It may also help to know that it’s not a simple single Javascript program that’s running, but stacks and stacks of libraries built on top of each other.

So. Close unneeded tabs. Don’t leave anything running, because they won’t be idle. Use History to find them again or something.

The stacks and stacks of libraries on top of each other are exactly the problem. Modern ‘coders’ have no idea how web pages or code works, they just layer block after block of bloated middleware on top of each other until something renders ok, then consider their work done.
The amount of CPU, RAM and video card power that is gobbled up just to display this text box I’m typing in right now is frankly embarrassing.

It is done, though! :)

Seriously, what am I supposed to do as a web developer about the JS/browser/networking stack? I read about it, but I have no control over it.

Indeed. as long as web pages are not loaded down with too much crap…its the fault of browser devs…

guessed right.

Does Kerbal really uses more then 10 or 12 gb of ram? I found that games very rarely get to use more then 8gb.

And one of the reasons moderns uses so much memory is security too: every tab is a separate process, and they are sandboxes, which isn’t ideal for performance but it’s more secure.

With the mods I use - hell yea. I have several Gig of added textures alone in mods (I run ~70 mods).

The reason why Chrome uses so much RAM is for security. They put in site isolation in version 67 (version 77 rolled out this week), and it eats RAM. But the good news is that it’s very effective.