Why mech-piloting match-3 Ironcast is less ridiculous than a dating sim

Title Why mech-piloting match-3 Ironcast is less ridiculous than a dating sim
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When April 22, 2015

I'm at the farmer's market on a date with Kyanna, a busty single mother with creepily childlike features. She's most interested in talent and least interested in romance. That means I want to focus on matching blue gems instead of orange gems..

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The first time I heard this game described as a steampunk mech RPG, I was instantly sold. And then somebody added "Match 3" and they instantly lost me.

This review has me back on the fence, leaning towards sold. Not that match-3 doesn't have its place, but it seemed so far away from what I would think piloting a steampunk mech would be like. The idea of balancing matches between different types of combat needs miiiight be enough to convince me it could work.

Instead of making an abstracted game about the theoretical and philosophical possibilities inherent in the concept of piloting a steampunk mech, why can't they just make a game where you actually pilot a steampunk mech?

I read the first couple sentences and thought, whoa, Tom's getting real personal in a game review.

"Do you dare spen[d] time on repairs?"
"your and your opponent[']s mechs"

This is free this week on Epic.

And it’s kinda fun!

I recall it being okayish and on the easy side, but it’s been years.

I wish they had this on the Switch. Would be SOOOO perfect for my current situation.
Great review Tom!

What?! Wow! In the hospital I tried looking for match 3 games in their store and only came up with Puzzle Quest. I guess I should have used something external to look for games vs. their e-store?

Thank you though!!! Off to grab it.

Grindstone, bro. Grindstone

Grindstone, no.