Why the next president will be Republican

Your friendly midwestern reporter here, bringing you the anecdotal scoop. Apparently, Hillary is going to get the Democratic nomination. Also apparently, you folks don’t think Giuliani has a chance. But based upon my “what does Dad think” meter, all the crazy shit G. has done has slipped by the folks who don’t get their news from the internet, which is still a big, big bloc of voters.

And for fuck’s sake, have you really managed to convince yourself that a woman can be president, much less Hillary Clinton? Are you insane? Yay-rah-rah, let’s see a Hillary-Obama ticket, surely middle America has put 300 years of racism and sexism behind themselves in the last six years.


Hillery getting the nomination will pretty much ensure Republican victory as people will come out in droves to vote for Anybody But Hillery.

Thank God. I was afraid America would get away with only 8 years of Bush. Fortunately, the Democrats will prolly choose Hillary, so we’ll get at least 12 years of some incompetent slimeball. C’mon, Rudy.

9/11, folks. Seriously, 9/11.

Pretty much my thought as well. Since the likely Republican nominee will be either a mayor (Guliani) or a governor (Romney) and since Hillary voted for the war in the first place, that whole issue will end up being a wash. The pundits that think this is an automatic Democrat victory don’t seem to grasp the fact that the Republican nominees are almost completely untainted by whatever people think about Bush Jr.

As a conservative voter, I still don’t regret my GWB support, considering the alternatives the DNC spewed forth. I will, however, vote for Obama if he gets the nod.

Well, as someone who did vote for GWB in 2000, I do regret it. The guy ran as a moderate but is governing as a far right radical IMHO.

Hell, I’d vote for Gore at this point as well. Anyone but Hillary.

“Left” and “Right” are so muddled these days I don’t know how to describe GWB’s administration… all I know is I don’t like how huge he’s grown the federal government, which used to pretty much be the opposite of conservative as far as I understood the term.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the administration… I just suspect things could have been far worse with Gore or Kerry.

Honestly Ryan, I don’t know how you can look upon this disaster of an administration and think the other guy would have been worse.

Ditto. I’ll vote for Hillary if she gets the nod because I think she can surround herself with capable people and do a good job as president but I really don’t see her as electable unless her opponent pulls a Craig 2 weeks before the election.

Ryan, I respect you for admitting you voted for Dubya in 2000, though - that’s not something you hear much around here these days. It’s about as popular as announcing you drank the last beer at a party.

Of course, then admitting you voted for him in 2004 too is like following up by announcing you crapped in the living room. Sometimes you’ve gotta hold your nose and vote for the swift boat guy, if only for the good of the republic.

He’s right you know, Hilly can’t win and Obama can’t win.
I’m praying Gore will step up at the last minute and save us all.
When’s the deadline for entering?

I’ve done worse… I’ve been the guy who made the second batch of spodi out of several gallons of Carlo Rossi white wine, and admitted to it the morning after to a houseful of very sick partygoers (we were all out of everything else and were dumb college kids!)

QFT on every point. Although I think Gore would make a better president on his own terms. I do think Hillary would be the left wing version of Bush - run as a moderate, swing to the extreme once in office.

At this point I’m leaning towards Obama simply because he’s antiwar and doesn’t talk like a condescending parent.

Really? Because I hate him because I thought he ran as a traditional economics conservative and “compassionate” social moderate, and instead he has been an overspending asshole.

That’s very true, but I think he will be remembered most for his foreign policy, which is very conservative in it’s “we don’t need no allies” and “we’re the big stick so shut up” approach. But you’re right, his spending policies are completely incomprehensible. I don’t know how to define them because I’m not sure we’ve ever seen someone blow up the budget for quite these reasons and of course the Republican controlled congress went along with a lot of it. I can only suggest that it’s war time spending without asking for the public to actually pay for it.

I’d assume the “conservative” approach to foreign policy would be safe coalition building, not wild-eyed remake the world by ourselves.

But it’s been sooooooooooo successful!

Clinton’s looking pretty strong to me…


…but if you’re confident of Giuliani, looks like you could make a lot of easy money betting on him. ;)

I’ve said for a year that I didn’t think Hillary was electable, with her strong negatives being fairly unprecedented. Yeah, its early, etc. but she just comes with enough baggage that opponents can latch onto for effective sound byte ads plus the people who dislike her really really dislike her.

I actually believe Gore would be a cakewalk winner - maybe not a cakewalk, because his newfound fame has made him very popular amongst those who would have voted for him anyway, but I think that all his “star” status has given him a relaxed and open persona he lacked during his previous run that would make him a good candidate.

So because there are some racists and sexists voters they should never be challenged and we should only have candidates who support their brain damage? That’s enlightened.