Wifi connection issue - need help!

My roommate recently bought a new desktop computer, and while we’ve been able to get it connected to the wireless network, his speeds are not at all where they used to be. He is getting a consistent 6.5mbps compared to 110 previously.

He did try a different wifi adapter but the result is the same.

What is going on here?

Compared to what? A different wifi connection? A wired connection? How are you measuring the speed difference.

As I said, he was getting 110mbps previously and now he is getting 6.5mpbs, which is much slower. Thats what I’m trying to fix.

Any new devices in the house that could be affecting it (like a new wireless house phone)?

Did you try rebooting the router?

What kind of wifi adapter does he have? You need to give us some information about the actual hardware being used.

It may also be something completely out of your control, like a neighbour with a new wireless telephone, or a bunch of new routers popping up in the area using all the same main channels (1, 6, 11).

well, sure but how did he get the 110 mps? Did he have a wired connection? A different NIC? What are you comparing it too. If you mentioned it, I must have missed it. Why did he switch to wireless?

Try 5Ghz, if you have it.

Alternatively, run something like InSSIDer to find a clear channel and use that. Remember, if you do use 2.4Ghz, only channels 1, 6, and 11 are valid. Everything else overlaps.

To be clear this has always been a wireless connection. It was getting 110mpbs with the previous desktop computer and he is now getting 6.5mpbs with the current desktop computer. The wireless router is a Dlink DIR 628 and the adapter on the computer is a Netgear dual band N adapter.

I switched the router from 2.4 to 5 but now we are having issues simply getting a connection, even with the push button connection option. The adapter sees the network but doesn’t ever actually connect to it.

Edit: Never could get it to connect at 5, but I switched back to 2.4 and it connected right away. Still only the 6.5mbps speed, though.

So we’re still screwing around with this. The router was set for automatic as far as channel goes but was choosing channel 1. I tried 6 and it momentarily gave him a high speed, then dropped back to the 6.5 number. I’m going to try 11 next, but the whole thing is very weird to me.

Or someone who’s installed a powerline networking connection…

Sarkus - Does the network card’s driver come with a channel scanner? Or InSSIDer works, as Stusser suggests.

I downloaded InSSIDer so we will try that next, though my roommate is done messing with it for today.

Well, it’s a good place to start finding the issue.

Oh - actually, one of the best things to do is to run it via YOUR wireless network card there, and then to run HIS wireless wireless network card, in the same location. If they then give wildly different results, it may be the hardware!

My computer is wired through the router, not wireless. His computer is the only wireless connection in the house.

What are you using to determine the speed in these tests?

He’s basing the speed on what the Netgear software installed on his computer is telling him, and on the very long load times he is getting when he actually tries to go anywhere. And as I noted above, on occasions those speeds jump up, only to drop right back down immediately.

We screwed around with this again tonight. When we do get a connection (we’re having a hard time maintaining it) the router data tells me the connection % is very low. So I’m guessing it has to be an interference issue, but I have no idea why its all of a sudden a problem. His network adapter doesn’t see any new networks and no new phones or appliances have been added in the house. We are far enough from other houses (50 yards at least) that those things shouldn’t be an issue. And his adapter sees the router fine - 4/5 bars. So I don’t get it at all.

I gave him the inSSIDer program but it won’t install on his computer due to some lacking NET software - he is going to get it on their tomorrow. He is running XP, but he was before as well. I messed around with a bunch of his settings tonight to no avail, trying to make sure it wasn’t defaulting to anything weird. I’ve also gone through the router manual looking for ideas but nothing has really popped up.

I wish I knew more about networking. It wasn’t that hard to get this working before. My next step is going to be to borrow his adapter and see if I can connect to the router with my PC. If either of us had another wireless device to test this would be a lot easier.

Why can’t you use the adapter from before with the ~100 throughput rates?

If your router has the feature where it automatically configures itself and adds a client, it is worthwhile to go through the wizard again and let it set things up. I’ve done seemingly simple manaual tasks with my wireless gear, gotten subpar results and lived with it far too long, only to find out that the secret was to let the router set itself up and add the client itself.

Sheesh. If I’d have known that…

Good luck!

The original adapter got broken.

His computer is setup to autoconnect and it is right now. According to the router its at 39mbps and 8% signal, though that last figure varies and I’ve seen it drop to as low as 2%. Thats an n 2.4ghz signal. His adapter is about 30 feet away, but upstairs and at an angle from the router.