Wild Grass

Now here’s a film that loves its primary colors & is beautiful to look at for it. It’s also somewhat less than believable, and by the end it seems like a bit of an avant-garde put-on.

If anyone else has seen this, I’d be very interested for you to weigh in on it. If you haven’t, Farewell, an excellent espionage tale, is more worth your time.

Some spoilers lie ahead.

Wild Grass starts out serious enough. Our redhead’s purse is stolen & later found by a man destined to fall in love with her. Or at least in a normal film we could reasonably expect this. Instead we quickly discover that this man is troubled, possibly psychotic. He’s worried that the police might recognize him, but the film is unclear on why. Has he stalked someone in the past, perhaps even assaulted them? And why is his wife (who I kept confusing with his daughter) so open & encouraging of this new & ill-defined relationship; are they polyamorous?

The jumps in believability & silliness escalate near the end, and I’m not sure that any of the questions I had at the beginning even have answers. It seems Roger Ebert would just tell me I’m too young to get it. I’m not convinced the serious premise from the start is still there by the end, but maybe I’m just missing something.