Win10 driver_power_state_failure BSOD

Dang haven’t had one of these in a while. I’ve been having issues with some USB devices not reading and when my system goes to sleep I lose some of my SATA drives. In fact sometimes when I boot I don’t get all my SATA drives coming up and I have to shut down then boot up again.

It’s odd because I was just on here complaining about how slow my system suddenly got, checked to see what was eating cpu cycles and saw the steam bootstrapper was using 645 Meg of RAM which seemed like a lot just for the client.

Any ideas?

Are you on a Microsoft Surface something? They were doing some weird tricks with sleep mode that just didn’t work well. Their customer support told me I should be shutting down instead of closing the lid to sleep. It would blue screen minutes after closing the lid, pretty much every time.

Probably a failing drive or SATA /USB interface depending on how it’s connected or issue run into upon wake or power on/off.

Sadly it could be anything.

EEK! Oh I hope not.

@baren - no this is my desktop. I just have this and an ipad.