Windows Update installation fails

I recently had to do a repair install of XP Pro the other day and when I tried to install the security updates they all failed. Anybody here know how to solve the problem other than a clean install or switching to Linux?

There is a way, I just can’t remember. My Google searching is failing as well, so here’s the best I can do at the moment:

Check out:

Also, have you updated to IE7 yet? Or SP2 first? You may need to clean out the directory where the update files are stored before installation.

This seems to be helpful:

The following steps will help many of you… BUT

What would be REALLY helpful to anyone trying to support you, is if you go to the “Windows Update Log” and look for any “Errors”. This gives a clearer indication as to the exact nature of the problem. (The 0x800A138F error message is a “General” error THE real error number is in the log. A list of possible error messages is in a table at the bottom of this page.)

The windows update log is in the following places:

C:\Windows\Windows Update.log (Win XP & Win98/Me)
C:\WINNT\Windows Update.log (Windows 2000)

I bet more than half the errors like this are caused because Windows needs a reboot. See if that helps before you do anything else.

Thanks for the help guy’s. One of you put me on the right path, but I can’t remember who (memory the second thing to go in old age). I found the answer here: I regestered the dll’s mentioned on this page and got the updates to work. Again thanks.