Wireless GH recharge kit: Worth it?

I just got a new wireless guitar along with GH:Aerosmith for my 360 and while I love the guitar the fact that they didn’t include a fucking rechargable battery in the box has me very annoyed.

I see there’s an official overpriced recharge kit that replaces the batteries but is there any advantage to using that instead of plain rechargable AA batteries and a regular battery charger?

I can’t imagine there would be. Proprietary stuff is always more expensive and not necessarily the highest quality. Not to mention you can’t use them in other devices. I highly recommend the NiMH batteries sold by Costco (and charger, if you don’t have one). IIRC the brand name is Eneloop.

When possible, I tend to stick with the non-specific batteries and chargers. I bought a whole pile of rechargeable AAs back when I had my Wii, and they’d be pretty worthless to me now if they’d only worked in the Wiimotes. It also tends to be cheaper this way.

I have 2 of these for my Les Pauls and love them. However, I’m not sure they’ll work with the new GHWT guitars (I forgot to look at the battery compartment), so their usefulness may be short-lived.