Wireless Headphones - but for vidya?!

Hi, today I’m fishing for opinions on wireless headphones. Google (and other search providers) confleate gaming headphones with headsets, which is a bit annoying. I don’t, per sè, mind headsets, as long as the microphone is detachable.

What I’m currently looking for is low latency headphones (or even in ears) for occasional use. I’m playing mostly with reasonable speakers and have a good microphone on a boom arm, I sometimes like a more “direct” audio or a more “private” experience, especially when playing vidya and talking to people online (because the microphone always picks up a bit of background noise and all).

No matter, I’m looking for good low latency wireless headphones. Currently I’m looking at something like the Sennheiser RS 195:

Opinions and recommendations are very welcome!

I use Sony wh1000-mx4. Had them a year or two. They work okay. They can pair with two Bluetooth devices. Don’t know if that’s low latency enough for you

They have 2 physical buttons. One toggles noise cancellation modes the other one is power.

All the other functions are accessed by touching the cups themselves. I should find a manual because they are weird.

Example if you hold your hand to the right one it will shut off music

There’s also a way to press pause/play because I accidentally hit that occasionally. Pushing up down occasionally works at volume control

There’s also one incredibly annoying feature that shuts off music when it detects you are talking. There’s a way to disable it but you have to remember to do it every time

This is incredibly annoying if you like to sing along to music while you work…