Wireless router recommendations


Oh, that would be good. I remember even less about the second season. It would be great if they reprint(?) the discs at that time and get them over here.

Just to follow up on the powerline stuff, I did some testing yesterday and I’m getting around 90-100Mbit through the line. That’s not great for network transfers, but it gets me my full internet speed, so I’m ok with that.


FWIW, been using my Orbi and satellite for a while now, and it has worked flawlessly. My provided just upped the d/l speed to 150 Mbps (well, they offer 1G but for $250 per month!) and I’m getting that full speed easily in my sunroom off the back of the house.


Check troyhunt.com for his update on how well Amplifi worked for his folks.


Quick update…a few weeks ago I finally had it with my current setup and ordered two Amplifi routers (not the kit). Setup was mostly painless once the secondary router downstairs updated automatically (they require a firmware update to do wired backhaul). My home coverage is much, much better, and I can even get pretty far from the house before I lose signal. I also noticed my phone stopped doing all the wonkiness when it switched routers under the old setup. So generally I’m pretty happy with the new units.

There have been two strange occurrences I need to investigate. First, about a week after setup of the routers my powerline adapters, which have worked flawlessly for something like two years, started losing sync every day or two, causing the downstairs adapter to lose the connection and the downstairs router to go offline. I find the timing really weird, but I can’t think how the routers would possibly be affecting the powerline adapters.

The other thing, about a week ago I noticed my phone was dropping off the wifi for about a minute, and then would rejoin. I have a Nexus 5x which I run an app on which monitors which cell carrier it’s using, but also tells me when I drop off the wifi. It showed several occurrences of this happening a day. I don’t think it’s related the PLA issue because it happens even when I’m on the primary router. Also, when the PLA issue happens it won’t clear up until I unplug and plug it back in.

So, not sure if this is an Amplifi issue or not. I probably need to reset the PLAs completely, then monitor for a bit.


By any chance does anyone know of a free wifi monitor for Windows that will log for a long time (hours)? Most of the tools I’m seeing will only log for a few minutes. I tried Homedale which seems to fit the bill, but it’s showing every SSID in my area as alternately broadcasting at normal signal strength, then disappearing. I’d like to set something up unattended to try and isolate the issue I’m seeing.


I have been waiting forever for SB Yamato 2199 to become available via a reasonable option. Star Blazers was my favorite thing growing up. I do have the original S1 in my Amazon digital library.

Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)

I finally “ditched” the 8 year old Thompson router from my ISP and bought a used Eero. What a nice little devices that really do cover my double stores house completely. My frustration with certain parts of the house without WiFi is finally over.

However, I can’t completely do without the Thompson because it seems my ISP issued modem is locked. If I connect the Eero to the modem, there is no internet. I can only get internet if the Thompson act as a in between bridge - Eero called it Double NATing. It’s not an elegant solution and I could go into the Thompson confit and disable WiFi and all. But having 3 devices next to each other so I could get Internet is very ugly. Is there any way to fix this?


Sounds like your modem is set to only provide connection to a particular MAC address. If that’s the case, it should be fixable. You might be able to get your ISP to change the modem settings, of course. But there’s probably an easier way, because most modern routers these days come with a MAC clone option. Log into the Thompson and write down its MAC address, then log into the Eero and use its MAC clone option with the Thompson’s MAC address. Then try it again with just the Eero connected. That will make the Eero look the same as the Thompson to your ISP modem.


Cool, I will try that. Thanks.

Any disadvantage to this Double NATing? I read it’s bad for playing online games?


Thanks to your tip, I log into the Thompson and I think I figure out why it needed the Thompson. It’s not so much the MAC address but there seemed to be a login and password set by the ISP, in what is a PPPoE connection type… that’s like some ancient DSL stuff, isn’t it? I thought we moved out of DSL stuff when I went for fiber home network! :(

… and no, Eero does not support PPPoE… :((


You should probably call the ISP and ask if there’s another option. They might have upgraded since you got the modem. If not…you may be stuck with the double-router setup. If you have the Eero plugged into the Thompson, and all your devices are connecting to the Eero, it probably won’t be too bad. You’ll add a few milliseconds to your latency, for sure, but probably not anything drastically bad.


Not too worried about this so long as I can still play The Division fine :)


Some routers are unsecure enough that they don’t encrypt the password, a chrome addon can reveal the password.


I just want to chime in and say that I got the ASUS RT-AC1200G. It seems to work well; solid signal and speed.

It is probably overkill for most home routers. I don’t think anyone wanting a router for a few home devices needs anything more than this.


Even the Eero seemed overkill for its MSRP price but I have to admit that the iOS app and the ease of configuration is fun. I like that I can quickly create a Guest network for those friends who dropped by once a while. I think Eero is pretty secure too, isn’t it?


Well, as much as anything. Be sure to update your firmware regularly.


So I have an Arris modem and a Linksys EA6350. My laptop has always been connected by WiFi. The speed is decent, nothing to write home about. About 3 to 4 MBs (not bits). This is fine for just about everything except large downloads. So I decided to purchase 100 ft of Cat6.


What I mean to do is connect the laptop directly and see what kind of increase in speed I might get. And depending upon that I may have to get in touch with Spectrum and scold them. I went with Cat6 instead of 5e because a lot of the reviews of vanilla 5e complained of crappy speeds. The people who seemed to know their shit spoke of badly shielded cable. I’ve actually moved my microwave around in my kitchen, but it still kills my WiFi connection when it’s turned on.

So we shall see.


That cable is not shielded either. At work, whenever I see such cables they automatically go into the trash.


Too late for me. It arrives today.

Edit: My wireless speed is almost as fast as wired. OTOH I can run the microwave now with no degradation of wired speed, as I thought. Still going to bitch at Spectrum.


I always support bitching at Spectrum. No matter how many times they go bankrupt, change their name, or try to sell the same shit service under a new “package”, they’re still a terrible company.

I am parking myself in the I do not like Linksys anymore, Netgear is sue happy so my next router will probably be just some other company.