Wireless router recommendations


You followed what I said and still bricked it? Damn.

Try a 30-30-30 hard reset.

If that doesn’t work unbrick via tftp. Note timing matters here, you only have like a 4s period to start the TFTP when the router tries to boot.


Well…I couldn’t be bothered to flash back to stock and read a few places that seemed to indicate a flash direct from DDWRT to Tomato would be fine, mainly presuming you ran a show_psswd to get the hash beforehand as they use different encoding, or something, and use that to log into tomato before running another nvram clear.

But, no dice. Just failed in the flash, I think. Bah, Laziness cost me! I suspect it is recoverable, but I ain’t having any luck so far.

It seems stuck in a boot loop of some sort. A constant ping alternates between TTL-64’s and TTL-100’s every 30 seconds or so with dropouts in between. When it’s TTL-64 I can hit a login prompt on Chrome, or telnet to it, but no combo of passwords works and it seems to drop out, then return at TTL-100. When at TTL-100 I cannot successfully tftp to it with either TFTP2.exe or the windows client, at this stage. Got TFTP2 running constantly at the moment hoping it may be a timing issue. I’ll have to cycle through some passwords though, as TFTP seems to want one and fuck knows if it wants the default DDWRT, default Tomato, my actual DDWRT password, or the hash.

Lol, I’m an idiot. Though, in fairness, I am an idiot that had a fucked router to begin with - it rebooted itself 3 times in quick succession when I came home this arvo prior to me attempting the re-flash, so for all I know it shat itself again during the reflash, causing the brick.

Fucking consumer routers. I swear it does not matter how much I spend, they are all toast after 18 months.


Haven’t tried a proper 30-30-30 yet, but I read conflicting statement that it does not work on the newer ARM models anyway. I’ll give it a crack.


Ahh. Well, I did tell you to flash to stock first, so at least my conscience is clear!


Just 'cause your conscience is clear does not mean I don’t hold grudges! :D

But, nah, you win some, you lose some, and I fucked this one myself.

I think it may have been fucked anyway, been nothing but problems for the last few months, accelerating in the last couple of weeks - flapping connection, wireless problems with clients connecting and forcing reboots, iPads not connecting reliably - just the usual weird shit. Probably should have just done a DDWRT factory reset to isolate if it was HW issue first, but c’est la vis.


So has anyone tried the Amplifi system? I’m a little surprised there’s only one mention in the thread. I’ve seen several of the tech folks I follow mention it as a great system, but Wirecutter wasn’t that excited about it. Their main concerns seem to be with the satellites (they come apart and have no wired jacks), but I’m thinking of using two of the routers connected via Powerline Ethernet.

My house is two floors, about 2300 square feet. The cable modem is in the office above the garage on one end so first router would be there. I would locate the second router on the ground floor in the family room on the opposite side of the house. It would save about $50 ($266 vs. $311), eliminate the satellites (which I don’t think I’ll need with this setup), and give me wired access in both locations.

Any thoughts, or has anyone had recent experience with the Amplifi?


No, but powerline is generally mediocre. Go for MOCA if you can.


fun discovery: Netgear R7000 nighthawk has AP isolation forced on by default and has no web UI elements to toggle it if you use it in AP mode


Hey Gedd, I have nothing to add since I got Plume instead, but wanted to share this with you:

We have 6 Eps left.
So awesome to not have Okita in bed for the entire series.


re: ubiquiti


I tried MOCA a few years ago and didn’t have much success with it for some reason, at least not for the cost at the time. It’s probably better now, but my powerline stuff works pretty well for what I need it to do (XBO, Chromecast, wifi in this part of the house). If these units ever die I’ll definitely look at MOCA again.

What. Is. That? Seriously, my Google-fu is finding several references to Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Is this the live action movie they were teasing a while back? Or is this a remake of the original series? I can’t seem to find anything with that cover.

@rei, Troy is one of the guys I’ve seen praising Ubiquiti’s gear, although he’s talking about the higher priced business-grade stuff there. Scott Hanselman really liked the Amplifi, but I’m not quite pushed over the edge on it yet.


It’s the remake from 2012. The US version was only available in very limited quantity. The picture is of a box set released at the beginning of this year in Japan, which I recently bought for an absurd amount of money.

But, I have to say, it’s been worth every damned penny. It’s so weird, because Star Blazers was my favorite show as a kid, but it isn’t like I really remember a lot of details from 40 years ago. So, watching it has both been this massive nostalgia trip yet I feel like I’m watching it for the first time (never mind the remake had some differences from the original). We have 4 episodes left (I believe there are 210 days before the human race is extinct). Having the opportunity to watch it with both the kids before they go back to college has been a true gift.


I have the DVD set from the original series, which I enjoyed when I watched it last probably several years ago. Funny thing, my most vivid memory from watching the series on TV was not any particular scene, but that I missed the same episode multiple times. I even knew when it was coming the second time around, but missed it somehow.

I’ll definitely have to take a look around for this. Sad to hear it’s so rare. Best I can figure on Amazon and eBay it looks like it’s around $360. Oof.


Yeah, I imported it. paid a good chunk less than that, but still a staggering amount. Heck, I kept waiting for it to come to Crunchyroll or Netflix or any of the streaming services, but no luck. There are people selling a single disc release very cheaply on ebay, which can’t be legit, but it’s out there. They are supposed to be doing the second season. Maybe the first will finally show up here at that point.


Oh, that would be good. I remember even less about the second season. It would be great if they reprint(?) the discs at that time and get them over here.

Just to follow up on the powerline stuff, I did some testing yesterday and I’m getting around 90-100Mbit through the line. That’s not great for network transfers, but it gets me my full internet speed, so I’m ok with that.


FWIW, been using my Orbi and satellite for a while now, and it has worked flawlessly. My provided just upped the d/l speed to 150 Mbps (well, they offer 1G but for $250 per month!) and I’m getting that full speed easily in my sunroom off the back of the house.


Check troyhunt.com for his update on how well Amplifi worked for his folks.


Quick update…a few weeks ago I finally had it with my current setup and ordered two Amplifi routers (not the kit). Setup was mostly painless once the secondary router downstairs updated automatically (they require a firmware update to do wired backhaul). My home coverage is much, much better, and I can even get pretty far from the house before I lose signal. I also noticed my phone stopped doing all the wonkiness when it switched routers under the old setup. So generally I’m pretty happy with the new units.

There have been two strange occurrences I need to investigate. First, about a week after setup of the routers my powerline adapters, which have worked flawlessly for something like two years, started losing sync every day or two, causing the downstairs adapter to lose the connection and the downstairs router to go offline. I find the timing really weird, but I can’t think how the routers would possibly be affecting the powerline adapters.

The other thing, about a week ago I noticed my phone was dropping off the wifi for about a minute, and then would rejoin. I have a Nexus 5x which I run an app on which monitors which cell carrier it’s using, but also tells me when I drop off the wifi. It showed several occurrences of this happening a day. I don’t think it’s related the PLA issue because it happens even when I’m on the primary router. Also, when the PLA issue happens it won’t clear up until I unplug and plug it back in.

So, not sure if this is an Amplifi issue or not. I probably need to reset the PLAs completely, then monitor for a bit.


By any chance does anyone know of a free wifi monitor for Windows that will log for a long time (hours)? Most of the tools I’m seeing will only log for a few minutes. I tried Homedale which seems to fit the bill, but it’s showing every SSID in my area as alternately broadcasting at normal signal strength, then disappearing. I’d like to set something up unattended to try and isolate the issue I’m seeing.


I have been waiting forever for SB Yamato 2199 to become available via a reasonable option. Star Blazers was my favorite thing growing up. I do have the original S1 in my Amazon digital library.

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