Wireless systems

Does anyone here have experience with wireless networks in their homes? We are trying to set one up but have concerns about the range and signal strength in our house.

What are the chances of a reasonably strong signal reaching from a second story to a basement? We know that we are better off keeping everything together on one level, but my study/library is in the basement and would regret losing the privacy that afford me.

So any suggestions?


It works fine for us from the basement to the second floor, except when someone uses the microwave.


Is the speed of current wireless setups ok for network gaming? FPSs in particular?

Probably. Just don’t try to copy your entire DivX bukkake collection through it, and you’ll do fine.

Sound advice there Wumpus. :wink:

Our experimentation with wireless networks here established that you can’t use it through a brick fireplace. At least not ours. You might be sure that there are no obnoxious obstacles specifically in the path between the machine and the hub.

Your experience with wireless will vary dramatically depending on interference, the quality of your equipment, and the configuation of your house.

I’ve had the best luck with Orinoco powered access points (RG1000, Apple Airport). They tend to have better range and a more consistent signal than their cheaper brethren (e.g. Dlink, Linksys, Netgear Prism based APs). I have a D-Link DI-711 access point about 6 feet from my Apple Airport, and there are places where I have excellent signal quality from teh Airport and no signal at all from the Dlink…

For the cards, if you’re using a laptop, I strongly recommend Orinoco cards or 200mw Prism cards (see www.netgate.com). The Netgate card is really, really nice!


I’ve no problem with my Linksys setup, although I only have about 1800 sq. ft. to cover in a tri-level. Signal strength is about 80% on the fringes, and down to 60% in the immediate outside.

Using my Toshiba e740 to browse Qt3 while making my morning ablutions rocks. Pooping while reading a wumpus post seems to be the most natural collusion of events.

We’re going with a Netgear system (for budget reasons) and haven’t had time to finish the setup though.

The fireplace thing shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as the fireplace is confined to the far end of the house.

Thanks for all the tips. I guess it comes down to just trying it to see. Dell has to return our new refurbished machine, first.