Wireless uplink router type question

Not sure what the correct words are here, but this is what I would like to achieve:

Over here: a number of PCs all cat5 cabled into a straightforward switch hub thing, which also has an 802.11g wireless access point hanging off it.

In the middle: A gap with no cabling

Over there: A combined ADSL modem + switch + 802.11g wireless access point.

I’d like to get to a situation where all the PCs over here can use the ADSL line over there. Basically I’m asking if the two wireless access points can … uplink? bridge? to each other. The solutions I know would work, but I’m trying to avoid, are:

  • running cat5 from the PCs all the way down to the ADSL modem
  • buying wireless cards for all the PCs

So will the two wireless things talk to each other all nicely? Any advice would be gratefully received, even if it’s just “can’t be done - run the cat5 down”.

Something like this should do the trick for you.

That bridge would do the trick, but what I did is buy a 2nd WRT54G linksys wifi router, flash it with the Open Sveasoft firmware http://wrt54g.thermoman.de/ and set the 2nd one to bridge mode.
The Linksys WRT54G is about $50 cheaper than the bridge.

I’vve got two machines CAT5 cabled into the Sveasoft flash’d wifi router, and it bridges to the 1st wifi router hanging off of my cable modem down the hall.

Your current wifi router does not need to be a Linksys in order for the flashed Linksys router to bridge.

From my experience: <-- Standardized disclaimer.

One of the problems when you bridge with the normal Linksys firmware between two wireless routers is that they ONLY work as a bridge or an access point, but not both. So you can have the two wireless routers bridge your network, but if you have a wireless device like a laptop, you would need a third (Or fourth) wireless access point that connects to your wireless bridge.

However, if you use the Open Sveasoft firmware, you can run a workaround that allows you to use a router as an access point and bridge, but it cuts your speed in half. I’ve found this to be completely acceptable over running three routers.

If there is some better way to do this, I’d love to hear it, but this is the only solution I could find.


I have a linksys wireless setup at home. The cable modem goes into a regular wired router. All my desktop PCs and a Linksys WAP are connected to the router. The WAP is positioned just outside the room with the router (because its in the far corner of the house), so there is a little bit of annoying cabling there. Then I have a Linksys bridge over the other side of the house, which has all my consoles plugged into it. If I want to use my laptop, it just picks up a signal from the WAP.

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One Linksys Ethernet<->Wireless Bridge later, I am in business :)

My topology now:

(over there)
ADSL line <-> Netgear ADSL modem+router <-> Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge

a gap with no cabling in it

(over here)
Wireless access point and PCs wired into a switch-hub thing

And it all works yay, thanks :)