Wireless USB adapters: cat's pajamas or gone pear-shaped?

So, I’m looking to make my desktop machine wireless (I’ve moved recently, and the modem is a few rooms away). Not only are there wireless PCI NICs, but I now see wireless adapters that look like those little USB flash drive doohickeys. I’m an obscenely lazy dude, and I kinda dig the idea of plugging a little USB doohickey to my rig rather than open it up and put a wireless PCI NIC in. But, if those USB trinkets give crappy performance compared to a PCI NIC, I’d rather go old-school.

Either way, whether USB or PCI NIC, any brand recommendations? I’m used to Linksys and D-Link hardware, and I’ve had both good and bad experiences with those, so I’m not particularly attached to either brand name.


…you do know that “the dog’s bollocks” means very, very GOOD…right?

They’re just as good as the PCI-ones, but not as elegant and leaves you with one less free USB-port. Slightly more expensive, but if those aren’t concerns - go for it.
(the PCI cards with an actual antenna to put on the table instaed of at the back at the pc might be slightly better. Might)

Just what I needed, thanks muchly!