Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



Trump: “Well, I know that Tibet is part of China!”
Everybody: *shuffles feet uncomfortably*


It is a great question. My understanding is that the treaties often have a clause that lets the president withdraw due to national security or a national emergency. If anything possibly good could come out of this shit storm of a presidency, is the Congress actually going back to the founders intend and the Article I branch of government started doing their job and not abdicated their responsibility to the Imperial Presidency.


Trump then pointed to his nose and with a big smile cried, “NOSE!”

His staff then inquired as to the location of “EAR”.


I lol’d.


Looking forward to Infrastructure, Knees and Toes Week.



That would be great. Congress should really be the first among equals.



I am surprised the idiot in chief has managed to restrain himself from commenting on Northam. Lets make it a poll.

  • Will remain silent about Northam
  • Will condemn Northam unequivocally
  • Will invoke “both sides” and attack Democrats
  • Will invite Northam to switch party
  • Will appear in blackface at the State of the Union to own the libs

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Poll closed

Mock Northam’s Republican opponent.

Attack Northam on abortion.

Time to result from poll opening: ~4hrs



At this point I’m seriously beginning to wonder if anyone has done more damage to national security. Walker, Ames, Hanssen?


You know how they always talk about entitlements? Hmm.





George Will has very apropos column today on the subject. It meanders in AOC bashing, so I’ll quote the relevant fashion and save my progressive friends from having to read an old fashion conservative (albeit a never Trump and ex-Republican)

During his 1962 State of the Union address, President John F. Kennedy told his congressional audience, “The Constitution makes us not rivals for power, but partners for progress.” Such anesthetizing bromides serve the interests of presidents by diverting Congress from a truth expressed by the American Enterprise Institute’s Jay Cost: Congress is not, as its members too often and too plaintively insist, a “coequal branch.” It is superior. It creates all executive-branch offices other than president and vice president, and all Article III courts other than the Supreme Court, and can deny appointments to the executive and judicial branches, whereas “the other branches are largely incapable of interfering with Congress.” The executive power enforces the law, the judicial power resolves controversies under the law. The legislative power makes the law: “It comes first.”

But far more interesting than Will’s column is an article he links to
James Madison Won the Shutdown by Greg Weiner. It discussed how Nancy Pelosi for the first time since Newt Gingrich stood up for her institution.


I was taught this in the UK when I studied US government and politics. It was quite a shock to move to the USA where it was commonly interpreted rather differently. I had assumed my teacher in the UK had simply got this wrong, (Tony Batchelor a man who ran for parliament himself) I guess he was right after all.

I remember him making a power diagram running me through who could remove who from office directly or indirectly under the US constitution. There were plenty of lines coming from congress. Zero going into it.


LOL…you knew it was coming. The poor dumb asshole can’t help himself.


My think is that the GOP have known about this for a while but chose to hold it until now as a way to damage the credibility of Dems writ large, instead of just to bring down a single candidate. That will work if Northam doesn’t resign.


I gotta hand it to him, he out foxed me in the choices. Who knew “mock a Republican” was in his locker for this?

I can’t out Trump , Trump. I was a fool to try.

he also did this one, which was a little more predictable perhaps. The leap from racism to abortion eludes me but as we have recently established, I have no idea what the man thinks.


Yeah Donny, that’s almost as unforgivable as trying to say that it wasn’t your voice on a tape, many months after you’d already admitted it was. Almost.