Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Hey, look who’s back as his medical advisor! Just in time for his physical!


Well that 50 pound weight loss isn’t going to write itself!


I wasn’t trying to mock Trump. I’ve got a gut too. It’s more just wondering how healthy he is. He does look like he’s gained weight.


His cholesterol level came back “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.


There is no requirement that the POTUS be fit in anyway. My problem with this approach, and most of his approaches, is not only is he obviously lying about it, some medical doctor with an obligation to health is signing off on these lies.


Being President is probably astoundingly stressful, even if you’re half-assing it like Trump. Still, his girth doesn’t make the top 10 list of reasons he’s a disaster, and I understand what stress-eating is like.


I’m not into body shaming either–I’m no spring chicken myself–but seriously, fuck him. He makes his bones tearing people apart for their looks. Calling out a woman who ran against him as ugly. Making fun of an opponent for being small. Running beauty pageants for fuck’s sake.

Fuck him. You reap what you sow.



I think Trump is more immune to the pressures of the office than previous presidents because he has little sense of responsibility and the burden that brings. He’s not worried about others, only himself. I think the only stress he has is his frustration at not being able to govern like a dictator and whatever worries he has about Putin.

This is a guy who has apparently worried in the past about being poisoned, and I can only think that’s a fear of how Putin and the Russian oligarchs operate.


Considering 60% of his time during the workday is spent tweeting and watching Fox News, I’d hardly call his Presidency that stressful.


That’s on a day he doesn’t play golf. When he golfs, he has to squeeze all that executive time into just a couple of hours - that must be highly stressful.


I do understand this. You know, but if my friends, for some reason, would tell, oh look that fatty Trump, I would feel pissed. What might they think of me? Oh here is our fatty friend. Yeah sure, Trump is an asshole, but being fat, yeah, that’s really not the point…


I get that. I do agree. And I feel ashamed for basically playing his game by saying, “Well he does it, so why don’t we?”

I guess I’m just sick of having to play by a different set of rules. The asshole makes fun of women for having periods. Honestly.

But your point is well made.



it’s like he is Sauron … corrupting everyone. We just need to throw the ring into the volcano and everything will be fine (or the ballot into the box)


Unless you are literally Donald Trump, I’m pretty sure they’re not thinking about you at all.


Dear Donald Trump, please disregard all criticism on the proportion of time you dedicate to ‘executive time’. Indeed, please feel free to increase the percentage.


If your fat friend showed up with the best health report his physician says he’s ever seen for anyone in his generation, I’ve got a feeling you’d say something. No, being fat is not the point, the blatant lying about it is, but he can’t even do that subtly, like put some bullshit number on his DL (assuming he ever drives). No, no he has to fabricate health records.


yes, I read that. But I don’t care about his effing health records. Or how he looks, or about his hair or whatever… or that he is vain and needs to fake his health records. I am moving on…


If you don’t understand this is a part of his character, and that taking note of these problems earlier might have actually stopped others from voting in a a blatant liar and con-man into the White House, well continue. You’re clearly happy with the results.


If Trump wants to eat himself to a stroke and 10 year lock in and a nappy wearing paralysis with a feeding tube and nothing but his madly blinking eyes to indicate he’s concious, trapped and screaming inside I’m cool with that.


If Trump wants to choke to death on a Big Mac, I have no objection. However I’m one of those nasty people who has no problem treating this creature the same way he himself treats everyone.