WMC7 IR Blaster annoyance

Hey all,

I’m trying to set up one of my spare computers to be used as an extra TV in my office/computer room using a digital receiver that sends a signal from my lounge room.

The issue I have is that Windows Media Center wants me to use an IR Blaster or it won’t let me use my receiver. I’ve done a little research and found that I can use a special driver to trick windows into thinking I’ve got one… the issue there is that I’m using Windows 7 64bit and low and behold it doesn’t work with that. I’ve also found out that I’d only need the blaster to get past this initial step and after that I can unplug it and throw it in the bin.

Given that I don’t really need one, the driver doesn’t work and WMC is being a bitch I’m asking one of two things.

Can anyone that works for Microsoft wander down to the Windows Media Center department and ask someone really nicely to throw in a fucking check box that says “It’s okay, really, I don’t need an IR Blaster” so I can get past that step.


Anyone recommend an alternative program that isn’t Mediaportal because for some reason the latest version doesn’t really work that well.

All I want to do is plug my receiver into my TV card and be able to watch whatever is on TV in the lounge.

P.S : Oddly enough on the step before WMC chucks a hissy about missing hardware it detects the video source and lets me watch it in a tiny little preview window.

This is the most infuriating Goddamn part of WMC7 and was, after all was said and done, what drove my parents away from using their new HTPC as an HTPC. They’ve got it bundled up in their bedroom now and have a WDTV Live HD in the living room with the TV.

I finally, after a couple of weeks of tinkering, got a cheapo Blaster to work. . . until the glue on the main portion of it wore off and it fell off the satellite box -.-

I would happily strangle whoever decided to make it required, nutsak. Won’t fix the problem, but it would make us feel better, right?

Oh I’d feel better for sure but as you said, it won’t fix the issue. Given the number of people affected by the issue ( a lot according to Google ) you’d think MS would release a patch that would allow you to bypass that check.

It’s almost as if there’s one guy that works for Microsoft who’s job is to come up with annoying ideas but make them sound awesome. Every bad feature was because of this one guy and they have him locked away in a broom closet somewhere coming up with the wackiest and most inane shit possible.