Wohoo! I reached the level cap!

A historical event. For the first time ever in a (M)MORPG, I actually managed to get a character all the way to the level cap. My WoW druid was really close, but at 57, I got too bored to continue.

The game in question is Guild Wars, where my N/W main finally dinged 20 yesterday.

“You have played this character for 59 hours 16 minutes over the past 21 months.”

I guess that classifies me as a “casual”?

Seriously though, I really love the business model of GW. I’ve taken several long breaks from the game, but it’s always easy to return since there are no fees or account activation. I ordered Nightfall some time ago and it has really sparked up my GW activity (and it prompted me to buy Factions too, even though I hear it isn’t as good).

So, are there any QT3-GW guilds that even remotely active anymore? And is there space for one uber-casual weekend player?

Wow, that’s 2.45 days /played in MMOspeak. I think I got 10+ on each of my 60’s in WoW. WoW was the first game I ever capped out in.

To be fair, Guild Wars is probably the easiest game ever made to hit level cap in. :)

Not quite as easy in Prophecies as it is in Factions/Nightfall, though. In those two the exp comes a lot easier from the Quests, and in Nightfall you have the Heroes to save you from shitty pugs.

I don’t know anything bout Qt3 Guilds, though. :)

So…if you reach level 60 in WoW…then they raise the level cap to 70, does that mean you’ve been decapitated?

We have at least one loose guild but can never really remember where how to get in or who to talk to. Topic does seem to come up every month or so.

— Alan

That’s a timeout for you, mister - go sit in the corner!