Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

From my recollection, Victor Vran was really basic on the ability/customization front so a lot easier to have tuned right.Torchlight I admit is too far back for me to remember well. I didn’t care much for it so didn’t play it enough to know if some skills were underpowered or OP. :)

I remember Torchlight 2’s late game scaling to be pretty bad, but it always felt like a “play through and be done” type of game, not the kind where you play a level/gear treadmill on rift-equivalents for tens or hundreds of hours, so it didn’t really matter. Maybe that’s just me.

Van Helsing was pretty rough early, although not Diablo 3 rough. But it really took them until the sequel before it felt like a complete version of their progression. They’re also responsible for the Warhammer ARPG and if you want to talk about bad starting states…

Yeah, that’s all true. So I guess most of them do have rough launches!

Torchlight (both of them) had endless dungeons, so you could play them forever, in theory. (Still installed on my PC and I still play!)

The thing I recall most about Torchlight was that you could get insanely good items just by fishing.

Wow, fuck Nerukai. Are all the boss battles in this game so fucking annoying?

If you are unwilling to adapt a little, yes.

Livor Mortis. Get him to threat the adds and just focus on Nerukai.

He’s impossible for a melee character it seems. I’m open to adjusting my build of course but no clue what works. All builds posted are for level 50+. Nobody seems to be posting campaign builds

I have no idea what this even means

Ah, sorry. Livor Mortis is a pet summon that tanks and pulls threat. You’d need a catalyst off-hand though, in order to slot it as a skill. Spec livor Mortis with the added health and threat skill slots and he’ll effectively distract the adds while you can concentrate on focusing the boss and saving dodge rolls for avoiding boss attacks.

To Buy or not to Buy from GGG3? He likes it, warts and all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH4WB2LljNU

I beat the campaign with sword and board online so it’s definitely doable as melee on normal.

Only watch if you don’t care about learning game breaking exploits. It’s pretty funny some of the bugs they didn’t catch.

Infinite money! LOL Sad really. I would have no interest in using an exploit like that, otherwise why bother playing the game. However I’m sure there are people doing it right now.

I beat it with a 2h build all the way through and no summons so it’s certainly possible.

Posted up thread, but If the issue is getting surrounded by enemies and unable to move out of the way of the ground effects, look for the node in the middle ring (assassin) that lets you dodge roll through enemies.

This might be the buggiest game I’ve played in a really long time.

I usually don’t mind a bug or two, and I’ve only had one crash, but I’ve had to restart (and then replay big sections of the game) due to scripts not firing when needed. “Don’t try to teleport to town until this dialog is finished”, “Don’t damage this boss in his second phase until he finishes talking”) and the like are the kinds of advice I’m finding. I just had to quit and retry the Chapter 3 final fight twice because it keeps bugging out in about the same place. Maddening, but at least it’s the last battle so I can say I had 14 hours of fun up to now.

I have rolled a melee guy to play with, maybe I’ll work on him until they can iron out that last battle a little. No idea what I’m doing that’s making it bug out like that.

Yup. This is the one I posted about above. 14 hours? I was double that 😂

I just double checked, I’m at 17 hours. Still, your being 7 hours behind me is puzzling - I even had to redo several areas due to other scripts not firing - were you leveling/grinding in there? I thought about it, but in the end I found enemies to be scaling with me so I didn’t see the point, really.

10 hours. But I’m slow. It’s not that unusual for me. I did do a tad bit of extra leveling at the act 1 boss to get a couple extra passive nodes, but didn’t take that long.