Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


She thought she was created from clay… that already makes her pretty different. She’s the only child on the island. Wonder Woman has known she was different from the start.

I mean I get what you’re saying, but she was never ordinary no matter how you look at it, and her aunt treated her like she was more than just a little extraordinary since the start.


I think it’s a wonderful movie in the tradition of Superman, the Donner version. It’s doing something different from the Marvel movies, it’s not better than them, I don’t think, I still like the Winter Soldier or Iron Man more than Wonder Woman, but not as a superhero movie, if that makes sense.

No idea how it can possibly coexist with the DCEU slit your wrists bummer movies that came before it…


There was a “damn, that’s cool” moment of recognition climbing the tower. It was quick, but it was there.


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I think it’s a wonderful movie in the tradition of Superman, the Donner version. [/quote]

I think that’s an excellent point, and probably one of the reasons I liked it so much.


Yup, I know. The interesting thing is she doesn’t have much curiosity about how she (unlike everyone else she’s ever met) has the ability to dig her fingers into stone. She actually did the “damn it’s cool” both on the first hop and then with the stone bit. She was surprised on the first block explosion during training, but apparently by the time of the tower scene, she’s no longer even surprised by having powers.


I actually dug that, but felt it would have worked better with a younger actress.

What I think they were trying to convey was an almost adolescent confusion with discovering the adult world. Adolescents have to deal with constant change and surprises both in terms of discovering their own bodies/minds/capabilities and learning both the good and evil in the world of men. This movie captured that really well, they just used an older actress portraying a character that had an adolescent naivete due to a very sheltered youth.


I was pretty happy with this movie. Yeah, there’s room for improvement - could have explained a few things better, plot was heavily telegraphed, basically no character development outside Diana herself and a bit of Steve. But considering that it’s an origin story that has to pack in a lot of info in a way that’s not going to overwhelm the average movie-goer, I think it was well executed.

My only real gripe is the over-use of slow motion in the action sequences. Every once in a while, fine. Need to point out some particularly flashy move, like grabbing a sword as you go flying by, sure. Seemed to me like the action was going all Matrixy constantly, though, and it annoyed the heck out of me. Just my pet peeve, I suppose.


I’ll take slow-mo over frenetic shaky cam, any day. Agreed that well-choreographed, viewable, real-time action (e.g., the Avengers and Civil War) is best.


I actually like the slo mo. Much better than impossible to follow shaky cam, and I liked the way it highlighted the action.


Yeah I liked the slo mo. I actually think the Snyderesque 300 action style fits well with super powered heroes like The Man of Steel action scenes in Smallville were really good. And the reason I liked Winter Soldier is they did melee combat the best in ANY superhero movie.


“Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”


I’m sorry to hear so many of you liked all the slow motion. Probably see more of it. :(


Maybe I am starting to feel my age, but having we been seeing this since The Matrix? It’s not going anywhere until something different and even more special shows up. I don’t mind it though when done well and not too abundantly.


I don’t recall any slo mo in Winter Soldier. Did I miss it?


You get slow mo or fast cuts most of the time. That’s just how it is. Given those two options slow mo is better.


Mark me down as pro-slomo.


I think the action was more 300-esque sans the blood, with slow mo for dramatic purpose/emphasis in the action, not entire slow mo. And it is actually closer to “freeze mo”.


We definitely will, especially in Justice League, which features The Flash. His super power is basically everyone else is in slow-mo to him.


Which is fine, because that’s really the only way to do a speedster. I don’t hate slow motion in and of itself, just the over-use of it with no real reason to do so. And yes, as many others have already said, even over-used slo-mo beats the hell out of shaky cam.


FYI - Zack Snyder’s particular kind of slo-mo, the slow down, then speed up, is referred to as “speed ramping” by the industry. Zack’s big innovation was adding a flashy zoom in during the speed ramping. (300 has it in spades.)

I thought WW used it well. Not too overdone.