World of Tanks: missing the mark

Title World of Tanks: missing the mark
Author David Lydon
Posted in Game diaries
When June 27, 2013

One of the biggest changes in World of Tank's recent 8.6 update is the distribution of shells within the aiming reticle. While this may seem fairly esoteric, having your bullets go where you aim them is critical in a game based on shooting guns..

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David, you're posting under that Tom Chick pseudonym again.

EA and Simcity are calling you on the mocking players thing. Of course, that probably wasn't intended by them.

Ugh, that photo. Paying women to pose with you does not make you a Bad Dude.

Now, now. There's no reason to assume he paid those women. Lots of different kinds of people play World of Tanks. It's entirely possible they're fans of his work.

Rats, I've been outed trying to take credit for Dave's article!