World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


Level cap to 120.

Also legacy servers announced as world of Warcraft Classic.


Holy shit, they actually did it?

In spite of myself I’m intrigued.


Almost makes me sad my MMO days are over.

I said my MMO days are over. Because they are you know. Really.


Oh good. An expansion entirely centered on the aspect of WoW they should have killed four expansions ago. I usually come back for a while after each expansion but I hate the Horde vs Alliance nonsense enough that I am seriously unsure I want to bother this time around. especially given they still haven’t given up their vendetta against flying.


I’m really curious how the Classic will work. I don’t think they are going back to the complete rules set. That said, talents are geared around 110.


Are they level-scaling dungeons and raids in the old expansions?

I think I found the answer over at PC Gamer, or at least one that addressed my underlying concern:

It’s important to note that this system doesn’t work exactly the same way as it does in Legion, where every zone and monster scales to your level. Instead, each zone will have a minimum and maximum cap of about 20 levels. This will make low-level zones still feel appropriately low level, and high-level zones intimidating.

The great news is this new feature will also work with WoW’s previous expansions. Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, for example, will now scale between level 60 and 80, while Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria will scale between 80 and 90. If you’re starting from scratch, you now have a lot more freedom about how to approach of these expansions.


Adding Dark Iron Dwarves… I managed to pry myself away from WoW a few years ago, but dammit. Despite having GW2/ESO/BDO, none of them have ever hooked me and the draw to go back sometimes is strong.


That trailer gives me goosebumps for the days of Warcraft I & II

No messing around with being friends, simple Alliance vs Horde all the way. Alliance as light, Horde as shadow. Old school :)

Yes, please. That trailer is epic too!


Fuck man I got no time for this


One other thing I really like about that trailer.

World of Warcraft has a habit of looking cartoony, even the horror based parts are usually quite toned down.

But freeze-frame that bit where Sylvanas goes ‘full banshee’… that is actually genuinely scary. That face would not look out of place in a horror film. Sylvanas - Grudge style. Thumbs up!


Is the troll at 2:19 anyone we know of, or just a stand-in until Vol’jin gets back?


Good news! I definitely don’t have any interest in a legacy wow server. That would be wrong of me!


So is the WoW classic going to be like what EQ started doing? Launching a base game server then unlocking expansions every few months?


I don’t think they’ve given any real details about it yet.


Eurogamer has a little more information, but still not much.

It looks like it is a near total recreation of Warcraft Vanilla. skill points, everything. I’m not sure I want to go back to pre TBC WoW, though. I remember the quest lines not giving a ton of XP, and grinding mobs in Silithus still being the best way to level. I don’t want to go back that far in graphics.

I hope they at least update the zones and use the new character models, but from what I read, it really sounds like going back to launch. They are still hiring for it, though. Sounds like this will be years from now. Very curious why they announced it now and not when it is close to launch.


Because the loud vocal element on the interwebz seems to be underwhelmed by the new expansion news. They may have been bracing for this by having this second bit of news (I expect there is a large overlap between the loud vocal ‘hates all new expansions’ crowd, and the crowd clamoring for vanilla servers).

It sounds like the new expansion reveal is slightly underwhelming because they can’t reveal the whole story, as the current expansion story hasn’t actually concluded yet…


I started wondering if I would really be interested after the drunk-on-nostalgia haze wore off.


Unless it actually focuses on something way more interesting and way less contrived than the Horde vs Alliance bullshit (which seems unlikely given how hard they’re pushing that angle), it’s still going to be a shitshow.


Part of me agrees. Another part of me is tired of the Fantasy in Space, yet another expansion of “some big evil threatening to take over the world” expansions and don’t mind one where we just beat the snot out each other for a while.


They could do something smaller scale yet not completely stupid and forced. People would bitch, because they’re used to epic, but it would at least not be terrible.