World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


Ion did say that “transmog” gear like tabards would (somehow) become available to all your characters if one had unlocked the rep. But we really need more detail about what he meant by this. Even in BfA, by the time you grind the rep for Revered, you don’t need the 335 gear, and by the time you grind the rep for Exalted you don’t need the 350 gear, either. But your alts could sure use it.

He also said the meta achievements for 90 exalted reps would become account wide, so if you had one char that had 70 exalted reps and another that had 20 different exalted reps, you’d get the meta.


About time for that change. As someone who has been playing since vanilla and switched mains twice, I felt I was being punished for that.

Totally agree it’s disappointing coming from legion in which not only had artifacts, but introduced world quests and mythic plus, which were slam dunk improvements that were clearly going to become part of WoW’s bread and butter content going forward. Instead we have island expeditions and warfronts which are problematic at best.


So far my only major beef with BfA is completion of the Alliance story requires a Mythic Dungeon. I think it should be normal or heroic at the most.


I started leveling my Horde toon this weekend. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the Horde zones but they are starting to grow on me. I’m not a fan of how much of a culture Blizzard ripped off for Tauren and Troll, but I am getting over it.

Originally I was going to wait until flying unlocked before I leveled the horde toon but I changed my mind. She is the character I have played since launch, has all the fishing poles, etc. on her. My human I started this expansion because I liked the zones better, and for the rep bonus. Once I get my horde toon to 120 and geared for LFR, I will just go back to running emissaries for the long grind to unlock the allied races.


I’ve taken a break this past week, only popping in to see if something interesting was available in the wqs and killing the world boss. At this point there isn’t much on offer unless I want to try mythic dungeons. I’ve also been sidelined by Bards tale 4 and the new Star Control.


So, I’me currently 2/8 mythic progression in Uldir with my guild. After careful consideration I can say this is NOT my favorite WoW iteration by any means. The Azerite traits are all over the place and unbalanced even worse then last xxpack’s legendaries, which I didn’t think was possible =) The weekly slog is worse not better in order to keep competitive, and the amount of busy work you need to do to raid 3 nights a week is… another 3 nights worth. It’s nuts, and I don’t see myself hanging on for very long. As an example of the busy work: Doing mythic progression requires a lot of wiping obviously. Every wipe takes a food buff. most of the decent food for my class requires fishing. So very every wipe, I need to fish twice usually. Now add to that the Azerite race, herbalism nightly for pots and flasks, the rep grind, and the grind for very specific Azerite traits on armor and it just seems crazier than usual.

Just seeing WoW from a different angle, but there really isn’t much to offer from this angle either.


Yah, I am glad I am not in progression raiding.

When they ran the promo for the new mount with 6-month’s game time my first thought was to spring for the 6 month play time since why wouldn’t I still play 6 months from now? Instead I wondered why would I play? At time WoW seems like the gaming version of empty calories, where the time it takes to get a character from 110-120 I could play all of a PS4 game instead.

From a non-raiding perspective, I am enjoying the expansion. I like the two stories and don’t mind leveling my second character on the different faction. Once I get her to 120, the maintenance mode for players like myself can be done in a few hours every couple of days at the least.


I’ve never played WoW but I was lured into it by a friend.

I’ll probably only be playing for a few months. Does anyone have any recommendations? For example which dungeons/quests/activities etc would make up a ‘greatest hits’ from the entirety of WoW content? What should I make sure to do? Open to whatever.


You know. I don’t know. I’ve been playing and, generally, enjoying this game for 14 years but even still I cannot answer that question - what are the greatest hits of WoW content? You kinda had to be there at the time the content was relevant with 4/9/19/39 other people to really get the experience.

I have fond memories of Pandaria, but they ruined the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. And you’d have to do everything the expansion offers, in order, to begin to understand the entire story. Which, again, might not really be effective without 4/19 other people, anyway.

I thought Legion was probably the best expansion. But you’d have to do it all, including the full Suramar campaign and the various raids. The Deathknight order hall campaign was probably the best one. The quest where you get to play as Illidan in the Black Temple is certainly fantastic. But it’s awesome because it’s making fun of the player base. In fact, any quest with Johnny Awesome is awesome. Here’s there during the Illidan raid. Well, he’s afk, of course. Because he’s Awesome.

He’s also there during the Postmaster questline, which was just fantastic, maybe the best quest in the game. Yeah, any quest involving Johnny Awesome is probably pretty awesome (be sure to watch the first video), though I regret I don’t get to see him very often as he’s a belf so he’s horde.

The Day Deathwing Came is pretty good.

You should also do Icecrown Citidel, kill Arthas, and watch the cutscene. Do it before the Postmaster questline. And the Deathknight order hall campaign.


Server instancing killed the game for me.

I wanted to get back into it, but finding guilds is… basically impossible. You’re lucky to see another person from your server in one of the hubs, much less anywhere else. You aren’t going to find a group in a dungeon that you click with and join. Because they’re all from 4 other servers and you’ll never see them ever again.

Trying to PuG mythics as anything that can’t tank or heal is nearly pointless. After a week people demanded iLvls 10 points higher than the drops from the runs. It would take 2-3 hours to get a run just randomly attempting to join groups.

World PvP was pointless. You’d just get rolled by a mob of people from all over the universe. Eventually all the Alliance turned it off, even the people who play the game purely for the PvP.

Azerite is a clusterfuck. There are 3-4 traits that are good for a spec, everything else is complete garbage. Sometimes a rogue gets a ranged attack that hits for 50k because he stacked some Azerite, because reasons.

Too much grind. No community. Weird gearing. Mythics that are basically Heroics from other expansions only you can’t really PuG them so you’re at the mercy of people who only accept the insanely overgeared so they can faceroll. Bleh. Oh and a delay on most of the content to try to keep everyone subbed for another month, cause why not.


First of all you need to find the class that you like best to play. You might like playing a druid since it combines the abilities of several different classes. Paladins are an easy and fun class to play, but there are other classes you may like just as much or perhaps even more.

Professions are not critical but can be of benefit to the player. My favorite (which isn’t a very good fit for a druid) is Engineering because you can make a Loot-A-Rang that allows you to loot everything within range in any zone in the game instead of manually looting corpses (that comes in very handy if the corpse is hidden or in a location you cannot reach). Engineers can also modify a cloak to give it a glider ability or craft a Goblin Glider Kit anyone can use that comes in handy to get to a location that is hard to get to or, occasionally, to escape certain death by jumping from a great height and gliding away from danger. In short, Engineering is a lot of fun.

Gathering professions enable players to make some money selling raw materials (herbs, ores, etc.) on the AH. Racial and class choices sometimes make a difference; for example, druids can gather herbs while in shapeshifted form. Tauren characters have their Herbalism skill and speed increased. Racial and class information is available during the character creation process.

Others here can better advise you about other aspects of the game (dungeons, raids, etc.) than I can. But the main thing is that you have fun. Good luck!


I actually decided on Druid a few days ago for that reason. So I have a Horde Druid and an Alliance Monk (well Pandaren Monk, but I think you choose a faction later?)

Do you have to be an engineer to use a loot-a-rang or can you buy one?


Yes, the faction for a Pandaren Monk is chosen later.

You can buy a Loot-A-Rang but its use is restricted to engineers. There is also the Findle’s Loot-A-Rang which is usable by anyone, but it can only be used in Draenor.


If I could remember my details I’d jump back in, in a heartbeat. I want to see these guys again.


An upcoming allied race can be those guys. Fucking horde get all the cool shit. “Dinomancers” pfft.


My main is a mage, but I have a 340 tank if you guys need any help with lower mythics.


So, I see 8.1 is out, maybe? It’s hard to tell from the launcher. Anyone still playing, impressions?


It is solidly meh. The War Campaign is extended. The Darkshore WF is now live. I finished them both the first night. They put in BFA-themed Invasions, which while fun, are not the auto-level Legion invasions were. I am finding them to be a decent way of grinding out Honorbound rep, though. My horde alt is still just Honored with them.

The next raid launches January 22nd. New Allied Races don’t come until patch 8.1. I wish they were live now.


Pretty much this. Very meh. They sure don’t give you a lot of reasons to keep playing once you hit 120 and gear up a bit. They did not really improve the Azerite skills at all in 8.1 imo. They just kind of shuffled the chairs around on the deck some. They really did nothing at all to fix class issues. Just a few minor pokes here and there.

As someone who came back to the game a month ago after not playing since WotLK (9 years ago), there’s a lot of stuff that I’m very impressed with (music, art, story, rares, treasures) and a lot I’m kind of horrified at (class skills are gutted, professions are a joke now, gear is horrible, the AH is a mess).

I was actually very impressed with Legion and had a blast playing through that (except for how they ruined the artifact skills for the BFA release). I think if they had just taken what they did with Legion and improved on that, BFA would have been great. But they didn’t.


I still enjoy BFA quite a bit, although this time I am resisting the urge – so far – to level alts. I have hunters one each faction and am slowly working on getting my Horde toon going. All my alts are horde side, but I am enjoying the Ally side of this expansion more.

I am digging the whole faction conflict story line, but I don’t do any world PVP other than getting the bonus when leveling on my continent.