World of Warcraft Classic

I loved tanking, being in control, having to be the best player.

DPS can slack, even healers can slack to an extent, but being tank requires genuine skill unless you’re in a quality premade group. I’m looking forward to running the difficult 5mans (maraudon, brd, dire maul, lbrs/ubrs) when people are undergeared and every boss fight is a real challenge

This is why server reputation is such an important part of the “mmo experience”. People in cross server LFR knew they would never see any of these people again, and it breeds the worst possible behavior.

The mistake that was made with MMOs in general, is the removal of consequences for your actions. There are no real consequences for deaths, no consequences for being a total shit, etc. At one point, MMOs were pretty good at self policing, because server reputations mattered.

Yep. LFD/LFR ruined the community for everyone but hardcore raiders, who also suffered because they had little interaction with the server population so getting good people became more akin to a job interview than something that happened naturally.

My original guild that I became a officer for invited me because I randomly joined them on a BRD run they were looking to fill. Ironfoe dropped off the last boss and I passed because I was just happy to experience a big epic dungeon run. They invited me after the run to join and the rest was history. Stuff like that basically never happened after LFD because you’d be running with some randos from another server you’d never talk to again. Instead it became all about meters, speed and gear.

Ked I know it requires skill that is for darn sure. I hope I get to run with you when the vanilla stuff starts. I will probably be a rogue. We need to elect a QT3 guildmaster so we can be recruited! (assuming they’ll have me).

I just realized – I have to make my poisons now…

I agree with you. The thing is, most of the content I wouldn’t see outside of LFx. The last time I kinda raided was SoO, and even then I would usually go on the alt runs with my mains.

I am not sure what the solution would be. I think LFx has made the game more accessible, but the community cost is real.

Plus, my horde server is dead. If I needed a guild I would be giving Blizzard a not small sum of cash to move a lot of characters.

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Yes, the launch of WoW itself.

Warrior were the Gods of beta but were hit with the nerf bat hard on launch. They were terrible in almost every way. Their damage output was minimal, they were by far the most gear-dependent class at a time when good was at its scarcest, their tanking abilities were weak and they traveled as slowly as any other class. There is a reason why they were one of the first classes buffed after launch.

BC was the heydey for Pally healers.

I played a holy priest on two different servers - one alliance and one horde - and it was the best healer (though terrible to solo with and dreadfully slow). Holy Pallys could heal on par with a decent resto druid as I recall. Good, but not quite Priest-level because of a lack of good AOE heals.

Then BC hit and it seemed that a Holy Pally would never run out of mana. Like ever and I remember some ability they had could use a shadow priest as a mana battery. They could out-heal God and all of his angels at one point in BC.

My first character in WoW was a warrior. I hated it. Bandaging and eating after every pull… I petered out somewhere in Stranglethorn.

If Qt3 folks are going to be running together, I’m there. Shame we won’t have paladins if we’re going to be Horde, but I’ll live.

Warriors are so OP in end game though. So much DPS and survivability. Plus the only class that can tank.

Is it all going to be one “server” or will all classic players who want to guild up have to pick the same one? Still not clear on this.

They were pretty clear in the most (?) recent presentation that shards are still very much a thing and that there will be no cross-shard mobility. So unless something changes, we’ll have to be careful about server selection.

If you’re really hardcore about classic and plan to raid then yes, you should play a warrior, paladin, or priest. Warrior is the best damage and also the only good tank. Paladin is the best healer, priest on horde side. Sadly they all suck rocks to level, but most specs are terrible in that regard in classic.

You can level as DPS then switch specs at 60.

I plan to play. Horde sounds good as that is what we played in beta and at release. I would be up for joining a Qt3 guild, and my wife most likely, but I am not sure how much time I would be able to commit to it. Definitely not as much as I did 15 years ago!

I played a Tauren Druid on release and it was okay. I felt I sucked at healing in dungeons, but it could be that I just didn’t spec well enough in healing, or wasn’t geared well enough or low level. I believe some dungeons I was the only healer, so that could have been part of it too. I may go priest this time as I remember wishing I had way back when and I have never tried a priest. I do like healing. I used to always be the tank/puller/leader, going back to all my EQ days, but I changed to liking to heal more after that. EQ enchanter type classes are my preference now, but WoW doesn’t really have that equivalent that I recall.

Yes, of course. Those three classes suck to level as DPS too.

Then it’s obvious you never leveled a Ret paladin in Vanilla. Because they’re great. They can heal themselves, and they get a sizable DPS boost against one of the most common enemies after level 45 - Undead.

All you do is autoattack, seal yourself every so often, and judge off the seals. It’s boring as hell.

This is pretty much crazy talk. Fury warriors may be “best” dps in T3+ content, but any guild is going to want a mix of classes. Tryhards are going to optimize their raiding roster as best they can for any progression encounter, and that’s going to be per encounter.

Nobody is going to be raiding with 13 DPS warriors and no rogues, no matter what official boards and reddit are trying to say today.

If you could find that many warriors, sure you would stack away. Of course raid comps are more complex than that, you would want 1 shaman per melee group for windfury totem and bloodlust in particular.