World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

My guild is at about the same spot, although we are going through the typical expack pains of people joining/leaving the raid group so our progress was temporarily impeded. I like the raid and thank god because now that I’m at the heroic raid point, there’s not much more I really like doing. I think for me it boils down to the loot system. Running 10+ keys is a chore and it really takes some going. And your reward for completing the whole thing typically boils down to loot that isn’t an upgrade, 35 friggin anima, and a chance to bolster your vault. In fact I think the vault is the only place I’ve got loot from in the past two weeks. I like the vault, but really hate the fact that the best place to currently get gear is PvP by a pretty wide margin. Its the side of WoW I just don’t enjoy and it’s the only opportunity I have to get a shot at daily loot now. I hope hinted at changes in gearing come sooner rather then later because it is very discouraging.

Given the context, this has bothered me way more than it should and I think was the thing that pushed me out of the game. I just don’t understand what Shadowlands is. Why are there road signs in the after life? Why are there creatures there? Were they creatures on Azeroth that died? Why is there a landscape in the afterlife, much less multiple different biomes?

I mean I get it. WoW is full of silly things like that, and after playing pretty hard core for four years I was overdue for taking a break, but the Shadowlands lore didn’t help.

For better or worse, stupid lore doesn’t bother me at all.

True. WoW must always boil down any metaphysical context down to something you can clonk on the head. Ghosts? Clonk. Angels? Clonk. Memories of things? Get clonking.

I don’t pay much attention to the lore. It’s all goofy to me.

What I like or don’t like are the look and feel of the zones.

I find that I play when there’s stuff I can do that I enjoy doing. While I agree that having a pleasant zone design helps it’s probably not enough to keep me playing if I don’t enjoy the other activities.

I have been playing my resto shaman in mythics and it’s been pretty challenging. Just getting started but I love that healers have very few issues getting into these groups. I tried doing some mythics as a DPS and it was brutal, took forever to get invited to a group and then the group split up after a couple of pulls when the tank disappeared.

My guild is also doing CN but we have only gotten the first five or so bosses down. It’s a pretty casual guild so the core group of raiders is maybe eight or nine people and we’re always bringing more in. Which I think hurts our performance a bit. And this is normal, mind you.

One thing the guild does that I really like is organize these timewalking raids when they are available. We did Ulduar two weeks ago and this week is Firelands, and I’m sure we will do that also.

This for me as well. My kid likes the lore and watches endless youtube videos on lore…I could give a rip.

I’ve played since the beginning and I have no idea what the lore is. For me at least, the game is figure out how to gear up to raid, raid, finish raid, work on alts to get ready to raid, figure out how/what I need to do to get flying, new xpac comes out, rinse and repeat. There might be some crafting and gold-making in between raids.

I’ll try to sum it up for you, to the best of my understanding. There’s a bunch of Orcs, and then there are a bunch of elf looking …people? Most of them are bad, a lot of them get killed, some of them come back.

And just assume that anybody that becomes a hero lore-wise will eventually become a raid boss.

Hey I meant to mention, If anyone is looking to raid, or looking for a home as horde, my smallish mature player friendly guild is looking for a few for heroic =) Send me a PM if interested!

What server and what’s your raid schedule including time zone?

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that lol. We are on Thrall, and it’s tu/the 9-11:30 est

I am getting close to being done. I just finished chapter 1 of my Covenant, so I am way behind. They announced 9.0.5 will bring valor points. I was thrilled until I saw it was Mythic + only.

This expansion really feels like they care fuck-all about soloing or group finder.

Yah I hear ya. I quit once, then came back because hey, it’s only 15 bucks a month and I figured I could level some alts and do mog and mount stuff, but I’ve really hit the wall. There is something about the SL zones that I find really offputting. They seem so generic in a way, not sure what it is, but the entire expansion either bores me or pisses me off lol.

I had such high hopes for PvP this expansion, and started out really going for it, then I realized it was a burst meta, and my resto druid was completely pointless. Oh well, unsub till next expansion and try again :P

I don’t raid so I was hoping Torghast offered more rewards. I like Torghast. I’d be happy to grind that each week if I was still playing. Every time through plays differently, and with the right combos of upgrades you can almost be Superman in there.

But you can only wear one legendary at a time so there is little incentive once you have a legendary you’re happy with.

I enjoy the BGs too, but I’d be so far behind on gear now that I’d be underpowered. I guess if I play it again it would be to level alts.

I do wish Torghast offered more, like the Visions in BFA. At least with those, you’d get a piece of gear. I took my rogue through all 8 layers of the Twisted Corridors (144 total floors!!!) to get the mount/title. Would be great if they’d add some sort of gameplay-related reward to it too though. I don’t have much incentive to go back through it, unless my wife or a guildie wants help with it.

I am still having a lot of fun in WoW.

I’m playing with a friendly guild for this expansion. We just completed Castle Nathria on normal last week, so this week we are trying Heroic. I like 4aiding so that!s cool. I have been playing sort of 3 guys a lot, one ranged DPS (warlock), one melee DPS (DK), and one healer (Shaman). The healer has the easiest time doing Mythics by far, so he gets most of that time. The Lock has done some +2s. The DK has not done a mythic.

I keep busy working my covenant levels (the DK switched 3 weeks ago so he was working the catch up these last weeks, and the Lock just switched yesyerday, so he’s starting HIS catch-up). I have a few legendaries… in fact the Shaman has 3 different ones for different specs… but since I am pretty set I’m not doing Torghast much (I don’t like it so that doesn’t bother me). Between the weekly dungeons, quests, getting anima, and raiding, I’m pretty busy.

Oh yeah, I have some low level alts I play once in a while.

P.S., I am NEVER doing those 144 floors of Torghast for that mount!

Since I am so far behind the curve, I started leveling my Horde hunter on Area52. She was going to be my main going into the expansion, but the queues made that impossible.

Between being busy with work and sick with covid in January I cancelled by subscription, and haven’t decided yet if I am going to jump back in. I was on the last week of the covenant campaign for both my Hunter with Night Fae and my Paladin with Kyrian. I feel like I should jump back in and at least finish those, but I was starting to get burned out. I wish Torghast would have been more like running rifts in Diablo. I had some fun with it, but in the end it felt like something to grind for soul ash.

This might be my last expansion. The past few I’ve only been in the game for the 1st month or two and then gone until the around the time of the next launch.