World War Z movie FAIL


My wife and I watched this for the first time by renting in iTunes and we both enjoyed it very much. The missus is not familiar at all with zombie mythology (she should have watched me played Left 4 Dead years ago!) and so she was pretty excited about the whole premise. I enjoyed the story myself and the zombie horde tide was some spectacular shot. Looking forward to the sequel. When I told missus of the sequel, she’s delighted.


I found it exceeded my expectations as well (though admittedly, they were fairly low. And I haven’t read the book).

It’s also one of the few modern action/horror movies I’ve seen where the third act is not only not a ruinous disappointment, but arguably the best part of the movie.


Yeah, the ending was brilliant IMO. I was wondering how they were going to end the show and it was finely constructed. How will WWZ 2, the sequel be like, I wonder.


I generally enjoyed the flick (even if Pitt had the most egregious case of “Hero Invulnerability” I’ve ever seen. But the ending doesn’t stick with me at all…I am, however, suddenly thirsty for a Pepsi.


It’s pretty bad IMO. Setting aside the difference from the source material, the movie is filled with a lot of contrivances. This won’t bother everybody and that’s entirely understandable. But it will bother some people and that’s also understandable. This just isn’t a very well written movie, and while there is some enjoyable spectacle it’s overshadowed by a lot of really dumb, contrived, writing and story telling. The entire fall of Israel sequence pretty much just exists to show us that Brad Pitt’s character is really sharp. We get to see Brad Pitt improbably survive a plane crash simply because someone wanted to do Motherfucking Zombies on a Motherfucking Plane and there was no better way to write around that.


I mean granted, I haven’t actually seen the movie, but that seems like justification enough to me.


That was an entirely plausible scenario and I thought it was a great albeit unusual piece of film.


I wasn’t commenting on the plausibility of a zombie outbreak on a plane, but the implausibility of Brad Pitt and the Israeli soldier being the sole survivors of a plane crash. And having nothing to show for it but a couple of mild limps. It’s the worst sort of plot contrivance.


Totally unrealistic to survive a plane crash during a zombie apocalypse!


Fair enough - but hey, they need to show how important it is to strap up during flight :)


It’s dead, Jim


Awww. I would love to see a Fincher directed… well, a Fincher-directed anything, so I hope he gets on with whatever he’s doing next. He has a frustratingly low output over the years. He should be making more movies. Get on it, Hollywood!