WorldVentures - Banned in Norway due to pyramid scheme

The so called successful enterprise of Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue is found guilty in Norway of being a pyramid scheme, and asked to stop all activity immediately, I wonder if the USA where this company comes from have any similar laws to prevent this kind of fraud scamming people out of their money.

I find this interesting since we’ve had waves of this shit just 10 year ago, and here they are again… incidentally, the people who first starts it here in Norway are all ex-schemers from before, so the warning bells rang quick on this one.

Just thought I would mention it, I’m not going to link their webpage on purpose.

I’d never heard of this thing before, but pyramid schemes are not necessarily illegal in the US as long as they provide enough information to the “associates” to allow them to make an informed decision. If they tell people up-front how many people will (and will not) make money, how much work they realistically have to do in order to be profitable, and where the money actually goes, etc., then they can operate in the US at will. Of course a talented salesperson can convince you that it’s not that hard; that you’re the type of person who will rise above the riff-raff; that the company is growing so fast that you’ll get in on the ground floor, etc… but by US law that’s not “scamming” unless you withhold vital information from the mark… er, the “future associate”.

Ponzi schemes are illegal, but they’re a different beast.

Back in the 80s I was almost taken in by the Amway guys who came to speak at my fraternity house one Sunday. One of the older guys saw that I was about to sign up, took me by the scruff of the neck and warned me off of it. Every time I see a story about one of these schemes I think back to that day and give thanks that I had a friend like that. He wasn’t even a close buddy; I didn’t even know him that well, but he still took the time.

Since you gotta pay to be a member of the network to sell, this is a typical pyramid badness.
Our consumer guys said they made minimal money from heavily overpriced products, basically its all scamming.

Did some internet searching and that company has bought up a ton of high linkages on search engines so you can’t easily see critical articles and promote all their marketing crap. If I went to a recruitment thing for one of these I would rip them apart and get thrown out. What scumbags. This should not be legal. One of the articles said paying the fees to be a member was better than spending that money on a college education. Unbelievable.