Worms 3D. Any good?

I just saw a preview for the upcoming game Worms Forts: Under Seige, and I must say that it looks fairly interesting. As a hold-me-over, would any of you recommend the previous Worms series of games for somebody desiring a relatively laid back and fun strategy game? I’m especially interested in Worms 3D.

I have not played it, but a friend brought it over at my last poker tourney and it went over very well in the loser’s lounge (which is why I didn’t get to play it, HA). Seems like it is a fun party game (like the others) if nothing else, and there were more than a few laughs during its play.

I have only played the demo of Forts, and I have to say I liked it quite a bit. I didn’t play Worms 3D, though.

Worms was always a great game for a group of people all around (A category which PC lacks in it).

Worms 3D is good as the previous ones, it’s fun and can be sometimes hilarious when several human players are playing.
The only problem with 3D is that the learning curve is a bit higher than in previous games, so people playing just for one time will have much more trouble in having a fair fight.

Nevertheless, I always liked the worms games. For one guy, it doesn’t worth it, there’s singleplayer, but it’s missing all the real fun in the game.


Like said above, Worms3D is great for playing with friends. Me and a buddy meet every second week for a Worms night. Great fun there.

SP is only good for learning the game IMHO. I got bored playing it after a few missions.

The last time I tried MP with the second patch it just didn’t work. I couldn’t get into a single game. Maybe the third patch fixed that. I never tried it again.