Worst thing you'll see all week: Virus X

Title Worst thing you'll see all week: Virus X
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When February 2, 2011

Sybil Danning, who looks great for a 90-year-old, is running some sort of secret program to make a deadly H1N1 virus..

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Oy Vey,
what a fair review of Virus X, while,then,Recommending the worst,least creative flick ever, Carriers, just because it stars the (now,we'll see in 10 years..) Hot Chris Pine,maybe,or Because,most likely, all that self explanatory dialogue in it, made you feel in safer territories, without any doubt you could not Go more 'Formula' than That?
Well, I just would Like to Express my Opinion, since I find all this Rage against this very well crafted,original movie, Virus X, so Unfair and Oblivious.
I'd just like to Say that I watched and Enjoyed this slick film, a whole lot,and, that,while the Budget was always extremely limited,production values,sound,sound mix, score and technical aspects are all exceptional. And also I'd like to give a great review to Director Ryan S. Harris' Highly Creative,Innovative Filmmaking, trying,at least, to revive with a few fine touches, what could have been the trite usual cliche' too many People seem to Enjoy over and over. You mentioned the pretty cast? Why not? People today tend to look a lot better than in the 1960's,Everyone works out,Nurses are either pretty girls,or muscular guys,young Doctors usually look in shape and healthy,since they do not live on just burgers and soda. Believe me, I saw and loved "The Andromeda Strain"made in 1970,it still holds up pretty good,also due to what, back then, was a very Expensive Budget! While,ironically, it is actually remarkable to notice how its Good Direction,at the Time, was Blamed by a few, like you, now,to be a little too Weird, with its own -back then- a bit too new and bizarre suggestions! Good point,uh?
Wanna Talk Casting? It was cast by a studio system with no Idea of how real Rogue Scientists really looked Like(watch any Nasa Documentaries of that time,for example,to satisfy your amazing need of Realism,on one side,that is..), and over all,as an after thought,even by late 1960's standards,the main Scientist,even in that old film, was played by hunky actor James Olson,often Shirtless.. I mean, I think that this is not a point of actual criticism, but just a way to find excuses to dislike this film, and tearing it apart.
And if we'd really like to go over Casting, Sybil Danning is not and does not look 90,but perfectly,ironically ambiguous, and over all, an excellent choice,truly able to convey anything her role had to bring on to the Plot,in a few,elegant scenes.
And Ultimately,for what regards the Android Jerron, here's instead another clever casting choice,with an excellent,unique transformation of this international,well known cult actor,Domiziano Arcangeli (who is able to change drastically in any Film he makes)playing an android with platinum hair, and an interesting rock star look,while trying something else than the usual cheap sy/fy's image of the brute villain with visible and fake,cartoonish F/X make up! But, to all that laziness,to all that lack of researching a more stylized image, People don't seem so against to..
Easier to place,digest or vomit?
When an actor, actually, gives an in depth performance, even in a genre,low budget movie, they just find him out of place and unexplainable. It is sad to notice such narrow minded arbitration on cult films fans! I wonder often, if all those who say love the original euro's classics from the 60's/70's,and love Argento or Klaus Kinski,have actually, even ever really seen those films,or,instead, just most likely, bragging, with a full mouth, they have had! Ha.
.. And, God Forbids, He's got a slight Accent,uhm.. like in America, nobody does?
No,all what i read above, and also,most of what i read,from other 'so called fans of cult films' (and you'd expect a much less narrow minded crowd,open to solutions, and unusual, groundbreaking and visionary talent) about this fine,at least, original attempt, at making a genre film, with some better,more creative ideas, were all irate rants on to How 'this' did look inappropriate,and, 'that' would look 'weird', and the plot was lacking ideas, while, they just rave at much,much worse garbage, just made over and over, without a minimum of originality and gusto for images,camera's angles, and sound virtuoso's, and a couple of committed,international stars of the genre,having fun for once, with the material, and trying to make it a little less 'resembling what has been seen way too many times',for way too many years! What's being argued, instead,is the attempt that this movie tries to make with a drastic change of pace on the usual scene, so that they can even call it, the worst you'll ever see this week! Ha.
I guess i don't know what people are watching these days, but if this is the worst they'll see, we'd be facing the resurrection of Hollywood and all TV, in general! Which,unfortunately, we are truly not, since even movies made with 20 million dollars budgets, can sadly look much worse than this,and most of all,are often way more contrived,into narrations preoccupied only to make sure everything is over explained,like all viewers were below 13,and to be politically correct in their fast food like plots,easy to be consumed and assembled with others,all so familiar,one to another, to result,at the end, like a whole big piece of crappy,unimaginative familiar territory. Like, Aunt's Maggie's cake gone bad since 1997, but that you gotta eat,and hardly digest, since it's part of the click,of the clan of the family.
These are not cult film lovers,nor film lovers. But people who need their B movies kept strictly to the same inept level, while fearing to misunderstand 'something' a little too conceptual for their minds.
If that is what they like,and what it's been supported by audiences, that is also why Hollywood is going through to its worst moment of creativity,ever,by repeating in series, films made not for thinking people,but for a crowd way too similar to the one,watching and listening to Big Brother,or.. The Jerry Springer Show!
And now,that is a truly 'creepy' thought!