Would 2x 22in screen be better compared to 1x 27in?

Hi, I’m setting up a new workdesk and have been on a single 22inch for ages.

I’m contemplating whether to get a larger screen or 2x screens of the same size. What does the hivemind think?

I have no idea how a 27in will workout because my eyes need relatively big fonts to work properly.

I just went from 23 to 34 ultra wide and it’s amazing for productivity and gaming. Highly recommended.

Really depends on the resolution – I’d take a single 27" if it was 1440p, otherwise the two 22" if they’re 1080p. Anything lower than 1080p I wouldn’t consider (he says, with his 1600x900 work monitors).

If you have a local store you can stop in and get a feel for each setup I’d highly recommend it to see what works for you. Saved me an expensive lesson when I was considering a 4k monitor a couple years back.

If your 22" monitor is 1920x1080 then a 27" 2560x1440 monitor would have a slightly higher pixel density, so the text would be a bit smaller on it but not by much. If your 22" is a lower resolution than 1920x1080 then the difference would be greater, but you would also be looking at a substantial increase in the size in your workspace.

If one of the 22" monitors were on a pivot mount, you could put it into portrait mode to view documents more easily. That said, I use a 27" at work, and I can easily view 2 PDF pages side by side without having to shrink them.

I really like having two separate monitors (mostly to corral things) but 22" is just too small for a monitor these days. 2 x 24" is my sweet spot, until I can afford 2 x 27" (or bigger), of course.

You can have monitors of two different sizes, you know. Get a 27" as your primary and keep the 22".


My two 22" monitors feel really insufficient now, y’all. Stop that.

Screw you all. I’m on a laptop on a TV table.

You guys would cry at my setup.

Are you married?

Thanks for the feedback. I am looking at the Ultrawide monitor thanks to @AK_Icebear’s suggestion.

Something like this one. But the 25UM69 model for the displayport connection.

My only concern is that it’ll make the words smaller. The advantage is that I dont have to muck with 2 monitors and their cables. (Daisy chaining needs me to spend a lot more to get the daisy chain capable models.)

Edit: Yes, I’m married. Why the question?
Edit2: Forgot the link.

Maybe this one: https://www.lazada.sg/products/brand-new-lg-29um69g-290-219-fhd-ultra-wide-ips-gaming-monitor-i209896550-s318430766.html?spm=a2o42.searchlist.list.18.10fe2befDr4IHj&search=1

I didn’t find it made the words all that much smaller, and if you need you can use text scaling in Windows which works pretty seamlessly nearly everywhere (except the Steam launcher, where it’s grainy but passable). I have the larger version of that LG monitor, again highly recommended.

I would go with either one large ultra-wide monitor, or two 22" monitors.

I have one 23" monitor and one 18.5" monitor. I am satisfied with the former. Not too happy about the latter.

A regular 27" monitor would be too big for a desk IMO.


This model? https://www.lazada.sg/products/brand-new-lg-34um69g-340-219-fhd-ultra-wide-ips-gaming-monitor-i209904475-s318435700.html?spm=a2o42.pdp.recommendation_1.4.68ca75e6u92n5E&mp=1&scm=1007.16389.99110.0&clickTrackInfo=da01efac-43be-4e8d-9e3d-50b99841d02b__209904475__102__1

It cost a bit high. (But I remember blowing over 1K for a Sony Trinitron back in those good old days. Ha)

But yea, it looks gorgeous!

Space in Singapore is quite a premium. So yea, I imagine we have smaller workspaces and desks compared to other countries.

I though about 2x27 in. also, the cost difference don’t seem that much compared to 2x22 in or 2x24.

But now, I’m really tempted by the ultrawide 34in. It seems to be a perfect compromise between space and cabling vs screen area.

You need to look into improving that setup. My eyes hurt after working too long on the laptop (15inch retina macbook) at the client’s, not to mention that I absolutely hate to type on the horrible laptop keys.

The 4K displays make the icons and UI seem really, really small. So I discounted them immediately.

So I think I’ll stick with 1080p as the resolution is what I’m used to at the moment, although that may change when the screen size changes.

In Windows 7 you can increase the size of fonts and icons to 125% and 150% of normal. This is what I do.

But I only have a 1080p monitor. For a larger monitor, you may have to search for a tool that will increase them beyond 150%. I dunno.

I would also suggest running Windows in 2k and games in 4k, but video card drivers still insist on adding smoothing when you do this, which looks like crap. (E.g. you can’t do integer scaling without artifacts, at least on nVidia cards.)

I’m mainly on MacOSX and work with texts and code much more than gaming,

I find the irony in adding a higher resolution is that we have to increase the size of the fonts and UI elements to make it usable. Thus, if the screen res goes up but the size stays the same, I dont feel like there is any space increase at all. Yes things are sharper but productivity wise, it dont add much.

I remember reading a university research finding that having dual screens lets people complete the same tasks 40% faster. That is huge.

I got the WQHD one that costs about as much if bought in the US. Lock those prices in before Trump’s tariffs (elsewhere there could be dumping and discounts if they actually pass through).