WoW: Horde PvP anyone?

A few of us bave made low-midlevel Horded characters on Kel’Thuzzad (PvP server) and are having a blast. Dunno if anyone would be interested in seeing how the other side lives, but thought I would post and see if anyone would like to give it a shot.

if you’d be interested, post here, PM me, or send me a /tell ig as Bartow :)

I’ve started a couple Horde PVP characters on Bleeding Hollow because some of my friends recently got the game and all started on Bleeding Hollow. If you’re there, look up my low level Tauren Hunter, Brahman.

Heh, I just rolled up an Orc Warrior on Shadow Moon to see the horde side of things.

What time zone are you guys in?

Kel’Thuzzad is in Mountain… diff guys play diff times… I am usually on around 10pm - 3-5am est… gawd… that’s late :oops: