WoW: Pitbull issue with attackable names

I use Pitbull as my unit frames

On my PC, any mob that’s attackable has its name in an outline, with its level to the right and any raid icon set to the left. It makes it real easy for me to follow the kill sequence.

On my Mac, this doesn’t happen. I’m pretty sure after I set it up on my PC I copied over the pitbull saved variables from my WTF folder.

Does anyone know where buried in the Pitbull config screen this is set?

Lorini was having issues with Pitbull just yesterday Mark. I’m not sure if it’s the same but you might want to PM her and see if it is and if she resolved it.

Thanks, I did that.

It may be as simple as I thought I copied the saved variable over, but didn’t.

insert Michael Vick joke here

Here’s the Paul Harvey rest of the story reference.

Since on my PC it looked fine, I copied over the entire WTF folder (a very bad idea). On my Mac for a while, EVERY name had this look. I reverted back and got the “normal” way (all names are the standard view).

But here’s a screenshot of the name frame: Now, I don’t want all names like this: just the attackable ones that like that on my PC.

I’m brand new with this, not very knowledgeable unfortunately. But you could check out this link for importing/exporting:

I used Pitbull again last night and now that I understand better what Pitbull is doing, it went easier than the first night. I still don’t understand how to move my target around between the frames. That would be helpful to know, as the documentation on the wiki is very technical (at least to me) and not useful.

Never mind. I had no clue that V, and Shift-V toggle this.

Let us never speak of this again.

Pitbull still has some annoying texture corruption bugs due to not handling unmapped null references for some of the myriad little icons and crap you can place. If this is the type of thing you can’t stand, you may want to steer away and try something else, as these bugs have been persistent for the better part of the last 3-5 months and likely won’t go away any time soon.