WoW: Valthalak

Any QTers beaten Valthalak as part of the tier 0.5 armor series of quests?

I’m on Lightbringer server.

Is that the guy you summon in the Beast’s room? If so then I have. I was tanking and was kind of rusty (just got back into the game after 6 months off) but I think we got it first try.

Yeah, that’s the guy. I heard he was uber hard. I’m still working on the warbeads part before the BRD arena fight though.

I have, several times on mulitple toons. My alt mage is currently running around with his staff, which is kinda neat. :)

The BRD arena fight is hella fun.

You must not play a healer type? =p

I tried doing that fight with my disc priest, and the group ended up swapping me out for a shadow priest, which works a lot better. I hated that fucking fight :P