WoW: Warlords of Draenor

Because, you know, when Boub makes a forum for it on MMO-C, it’s pretty official.

Huh? I don’t understand.

Boubouille owns MMO-Champion, and has inside information on WoW stuff. Blizzcon is like…12 hours away, but scoop!

Oh, and Furor is creative director on the xpack.

Hehe, he said “Boub.”

Leaked image just before the start

Please dont suck. Please have at least one new idea. I don’t need a new race or a new class, I need a new IDEA. EU link to the opening ceremony starting now.

Draenor? WTF? They might as well have called it WoW: Mystic Warlords of Ka’a

Watching it on the free stream now. Is this usually how Cons fare? Almost felt a bit embarrassed watching the talk and reactions for the expansion… :)

Edit: boost to 90 sounds good. reveal trailer

Official post

Sadly only for one character.

I’ve been mostly out of WoW for a while now (I still goof around with a warlock from time-to-time), but the reveal is pretty meh to me. Back to needing 10 levels instead of 5. Back to something that at least looks like Outlands. No new races or classes.

The only things I see which sound anywhere near interesting is the garrison (finally housing?) and a possible flexible questing system (whatever that means). Maybe things will change when they start talking details in the panel.

I will probably resub to level a character to 100. I loved the Pandaria levelling experience, but endgame left me cold. Thats where they need to figure things out to keep me around.

I expect that you’ll have to pay around 25.000 to being able to use your flying mount in the next world.
I suppose they wont increase the quest log this time either…

Thinking I’ll subscribe around Mid November for a month, just to get the “anniversary” achievement.


When he started talking about going back to the roots of the RTS Warcraft games, I got unreasonably excited/hyperventilate-y. Then apparently it’s just the villains of WC1:H&O coming back to terrorize WOW?

Meh. It’s still an MMO and I still won’t touch it. Give me WC4 or give me death!

Didn’t Draenor explode or something?

So the garrison looks interesting – it looks like housing but instead of a house you can build an entire garrisoned village. I just wonder what the point is besides it being housing. Do I need to build stone walls around it? If I don’t what does that mean? If I do build the walls, what do I gain.

I also like the idea that any quest can randomly reward players with an epic prize. Killing 10 murlocs for coin is boring, but if I know I might get an epic too it will increase my interest.

I guess I could create a panda monk and level him to 20 or so to learn the class and then boost him to 90. That’s appealing to me too.

Yes that’s why it will be some sort of time travel.

Missed that part. Ok could be interesting. Burning Crusade was probably the best expansion so I guess they are trying to trap that lightning in another, similar bottle.