WPS wireless and the Wii?

Is anyone familiar with WPS, which apparently is a “feature” on most new wireless networking routers?

I am trying to set up a wireless network for my sister to use her Wii online, something which I did with my Wii without problem. But I could not get her Wii to find the wireless network I created when I installed the new router, and I am fairly sure it’s because of this WPS business, which required me to press a little WPS button on the router before even her laptop would see the network.

My google searching has utterly failed me. Anyone have a thought on how to get the Wii on the network?

WPS should never prevent you from seeing a network, AFAIK, it’s just an easier way to do setup, because it works like the sync buttons on wireless mice/controllers. On the other hand, I could see some people being clever and having SSID broadcast disabled until that button is pressed. IMO, a bad, bad idea. Mostly because it doesn’t really add any security, but also because it contravenes the 802.11 standards.

Is your router operating on the 5Ghz frequency instead of 2.4? If so, that’s why the Wii won’t see it. It only operates on B and G networks.

WPS just allows devices to join networks locked down by encryption without you having to type in a passcode.

Thank you for the replies! I felt like I was missing something in this whole scenario, and I guess it is probably the frequency of the network. I didn’t even see G wireless routers for sale anymore at the store, which is why that didn’t even occur to me. Much appreciated.

Most wireless n routers are still 2.4GHz and backwards compatible with g and b. I have never ever seen a 5GHz only router, though I’m sure they exist.