WRC FIA World Rally Championship

For the 10 of you who probably care, the demo has come out (for the 360 at least) for the new licensed WRC game. Graphically it doesn’t hold a candle to Dirt 2 but I’m impressed with the driving model (doesn’t appear to be much of Codie’s “centre-point” physics here). The Jordan stage in the demo is hard work with a controller - if you’ve got a wheel you’re in for a serious workout (something anyone familiar with Richard Burns Rally will recall).

The demo stages are nice and long and there’s a pretty decent damage system (go on, smash your gearbox and tell me that it doesn’t sound fantastic as it graunches through the gears)

It’s going to be good to have a properly licensed WRC game again (including the sub-classes). Bring on October 8 (for the Yanks, Amazon and Newegg have it for preorder, but they’re saying November 30?).

I mentioned the game a couple of times in the Dirt 3 thread, knowing it probably won’t be released in the States.

I think the 360 demo is Gold members only for a week. Next week, I’ll try making a European Xbox Live account so that I can try out the demo. Then when the game comes out, hopefully it’ll show up in this compatibility guide as being compatible with US 360s.

(My brother got bitten by not checking that once. He’s a big cricket fan, like me, so he ordered a Cricket game from the UK, only to not have it work on his U.S. 360 when it got here).

I tried the demo that came out for the PC. In the loading screen it shows the keyboard controls and the 360 controller configuration, and it let me navigate the menus via the 360 controller. And then the actual game starts, they say “Go”, and my car refuses to move. Apparently the demo is keyboard controls only maybe?

Anyway, I’d rather not play than have to control a racing game with a keyboard. So maybe someone else can post impressions of what it is like.

Btw, this thread doesn’t show up if you do a google search on ‘WRC’ on this forum. So once it drops of, say goodbye to finding this thread.

Young padwan:
Using Google instead of broken QT3 search you must.

-> Google: WRC +site:http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk

Top result is this thread. :)

That’s what I did. Well, I used the little google search widgit thing. I was hoping that once my post made it in, and someone else posted, then this thread would actually start showing up in the google search widgit. And it worked!

A work colleague has a very serious iRacing setup with three monitors, Fanatec wheel and 3-way pedal system and he’s reported that none of it works. Only the left monitor was detected, pedals weren’t registered and yeah, didn’t work too well for his setup.

btw the x360pad works in the demo - you just have to set it in options. It is not very intuitive, but it is there.

The game looked kind of meh though.

If it’s not too much to ask, can you write a mini-walkthrough for me? I’ve tried the demo out about 6 times now, thinking

“this time, surely I’ll find out how to make it work with the 360 pad. Paul_cze said it was there. I’m just missing something”.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find it. The only screens I can find are:

  1. Keyboard config screen in the main options in the main menu
  2. Turning on force feedback in the control options during a race.

So, nothing to do with the controller anywhere.

Ok, I found my answer on some other message board:

yup thats it, sorry I didn’t write it before…
they really couldn’t have made it less intuitive even if they tried

Wow, even with those instructions I had trouble actually clicking on the word keyboard. Here’s the full walkthrough:

In the first screen, press A (or Enter). You’ll be in the main menu now.
Scroll to the right to go to Options.
Now scroll to the right to get to control/keyboard symbol, select it.
Now you’re on the screen where it says keyboard on the top, but there seems to be no way to click it. Go to Change controls (hand symbol), press Enter.
Now you’re able to select which keys to change, press Up once, and you’ll highlight “Keyboard”. Now press right and it will change to joypad1.
Now you can back out and be sure to confirm changes.

After Dirt 2, and even Dirt 1, this is a really bland looking game. I turned it to heavy damage and turned braking assistance off. I like the way the game handles. I’m not much of an expert when it comes to the nitty gritty physics, but when I change the view to the in-car cockpit view (back button on the 360pad), it feels just like Dirt 1 and 2 do, to me. But not as good looking. Not even close.

Still, might be a nice game to pick up when it hits the bargain bin.

Meh. This game looks washed out. Pass.