WTF Royal Family - Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah

While they had harsh words for their treatment in the press, the most disturbing parts of the interview centered on how they were treated by members of the royal family. Harry said he had a “really good relationship” with the Queen, but said he was “disappointed” by his father and that, while he loves his brother William “to bits,” they’re on “different paths.”

Meghan said that “in the months when I was pregnant… we have in tandem the conversation of he won’t be given security, he’s not going to be given a title, and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.” Harry said it was not a conversation he ever wanted to discuss.

Not surprising, but woof.

This all sounds bad. I’d like to know what the norms are. Is the wife of the second son — the one who isn’t the heir — normally not considered a paid member of the royal family? Are their children not normally given titles? I note that both of Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s children have titles. As do Margaret’s.

I’d imagine historically they’d get titles so that it was less likely they’d go to France or Spain and try to usurp the throne or the like.

Oprah’s reaction was kinda like mine.

Just what!?

I have an unfavorable opinion of Harry and Meghan’s actions. I like the monarchy as an institution and their actions are damaging to it. The whole point of being a member of the Royal Family is to serve the country. This interview is not serving it. If they wanted to leave the Firm that’s their choice but to then do high profile interviews about it is crass.

Yeah that interview was just…both shocking and yet not so much, either.

And kudos to Oprah for being exceptionally well-prepared for the interview…but also for having the confidence to trust her own skill at this to go off her prep and follow where the answers given led things.

That some hot take there. If someone pulled that one drop bullshit with my kid, I’d have no issues with burning that shit to the ground.

LOL, you realize that people are born into the Royal Family, right? It’s not like Harry submitted an application and went through interviews. What you’re saying is that he should be required to “serve the country” because he was born to a specific family.

If he decided to remain as part of the Royal Family then yes, absolutely. I have no issue with him and his wife deciding to leave. That’s their choice and they were free to make it. They should not personally gain from their ties to the Firm though which is exactly what they are doing with this interview.

I’ve always wanted for my kids to take over the family monarchy, but big city vices stray us further from god.

It kind of sounds like the whole point of being a member of the Royal Family is to serve certain persons in the country, but maybe not others.

Pretty sure the point of monarchs is the opposite of that.

I will say that watching right-wing America embrace the British monarchy because they’re racist is quite entertaining.

“The Firm”? I was unaware of that way to refer to the royal family. Unless you mean that Tom Cruise movie in which he wants out of the Firm and is hunted by the Firm and its contacts, who want to kill him to protect their secrets and have plausible deniability. Then I guess it makes even more sense. ;)

As a brit I have always avoided talking about some things on here like the politics in the USA, I am aware my view point and understanding is probably sorely lacking and from a different view point than someone looking in from the outside.

The Royal family is an odd one over here. Personally as Draxen I have no issue with them wanting out but that’s not really what they want, they want out, but they wanted the titles and other goodies that go with it including the cash and the ability to cash in on that and it just does not work like that. Sarah Ferguson when divorcing Randy Andy almost went bankrupt, she just got cut off, it’s how it’s always worked.

Archie does not get a title until Charlie is on the Throne it won’t be forever but likely they wanted the title now to earn from it and not before so as usual it depends how you address it. Right now he will not get a title but the Queen is 94 and won’t live forever.

The Royal family is all about protocol.

Regarding the skin colour comment, my father is a racist dick, spent 35 years as a Royal Marine, is 75 and I hate his attitude to Minorities and anyone else not a hetero white male, no one else in my family is racist or would behave in that manner that’s all 26 of us, only him. We call him out on it but I certainly would not taint my whole family as racist because of him. Again it’s the context used and who said it and they should be named and shamed and allowed to defend themselves if it’s not true or get pilloried in the press if it is true but nope we get muddy waters

I am 100% sure they were poorly treated at times by the British press, who treat anyone and everyone like it and it’s really poor. But we have her one sided take on it, the fact no mention of how she treats her own family and the fact she has admitted she was told clearly what it involves to be a member of the Royal family.

She wanted the celebrity status as well as the royal status and it just was never going to happen, they should have walked away with their heads held high instead it’s turning in to bitch city and last time this happened it ended badly with Harry’s mum dying in a car crash.

What does this have to do with anything?

What context is okay for someone asking a mixed-race person how dark they think their baby might be?

None at all but making it sound like the whole family is like it when it is abundantly not but the press will jump on it making it seem they are is wrong as is not naming the person and allowing them to defend themselves if it is true. Again one person said 1 person said this without any additional information is poor, tell us who, what, why and when but oh no, same old celebrity crap a drib here and a drab there to pull in the viewers and earn the money.

Regarding family, she treats her own like dirt and is then surprised enough to tell Oprah oh woe is me, apparently treated in this manner by her new family is a shock and a surprise. It’s the Royal family I mean they are as odd and weird as all hell.

It’s like the I was gagged by the family. No does celebrity interviews from within the Royal family this is not a surprise and everyone knows this but apparently not Megan.

It’s all about the money. Disappearing in to quiet isolation wont keep them in the manner they want to be so this sort of rubbish helps keep the pennies rolling in.

How long before HRH Harry comes crawling back tail between his legs, we shall see, call me cynical but it will be sooner rather than later