WTF? Xbox 360 won't recog. my Momo racing wheel

Anyone know how I can get my xbox360 to recognize the USB Logitech MOMO racing wheel that I use with my PC and my PS2?

Failing that, are there any decent wheel controllers for the xbox360 that’s in the same league as Logitech’s Momo stuff?

Microsoft had a racing wheel at x06.

GIFfage here. It should be out ‘this fall’, according to that link. Amazon says November 7th. No idea if it’s as good as the Momo wheel, though.

Sadly, it’s 150 beans.

Unfortunately, with the 360 MS now has a ‘secure interface’ for controllers that will prevent any non-licensed and older peripherals from working. It’s a shame, since I’d love to get my DFP working with the 360 and don’t want to have to buy a second wheel, but oh well.

It might be possible for games to access the USB ports directly and handle older wheels as a special case, but that would be extra work and would probably violate something in the developer’s licensing agreement. MS desperately wants you to buy its own new accessories, after all.

What crap! I’d be kicking so much Test Drive Unlimited ass if I could use my racing wheel. Bah. This makes Roger a sad panda.

it is wireless w/ force feedback and a copy of PGR3, so, not too bad, but if you want the wheel you likely have pgr3.

I agree the locked down controller thing sucks. None of that sexy thingy from liksang that allows mouse/KB…

There is a somewhat good reason for the controller lockdown besides greed. MS wanted to prevent the problems on the Xbox 180 where 3rd party memory cards were used to exploit games (especially for online play).

The only unlicensed peripheral adapter I’ve seen is $80. It basically looked like they took a wired controller and soldered their controller’s leads onto the board. Seems like they did something right from an anti-hacking perspective.

eh, I’d rather they included a 64mb flash ‘hard drive’ with the tard packs, dumped memory unit’s all together, and allowed legacy controller support. Even with their current setup, there isnt any good reason to has MS as the sole producer of wireless controllers.

I mean, these fucksticks are making Guitar Hero 360 inferior to the ps2 one with this wired bullshit. I bet all their kids still have umbilical cords attached, the fucking crazies…

I’m pretty sure my PS2 Guitar Hero is not wireless, and neither is GH2’s.

It is, however, totally and completely bogus that Microsoft won’t open up their wireless spec to 3rd party manufacturers.

Hey Gaming Journalists - next time you interview a Microsoft exec, press them on the issue. Ask exactly WHY they won’t let licensed 3rd party peripheral manufacturers make wireless gear.

Uh, but you can buy wireless GH controllers for the ps2.

Eh, wired, wireless, not a big deal, really, unless you have your 360 that far away from you.

Note: Bought the Premium pack for the Wireless controller… Doh.

huge deal for me, I have 2 hyper dogs. the break-away xbox1 cable feature was helpful, but I’d rather not have my game interrupted.

How do you use a racing wheel with consoles? I mean where do you latch them down when you do your gaming from the couch rather than a desk?

I’ve used a wooden chair whose back had broken off, though it was a bit annoying since there wasn’t much foot room underneath. Some people’s coffee table might be suitable. There’s an attachment you can get from Logitech for extra bracing if you put it in your lap. It looks like there’s some custom stands that will help. And if you’re a true fanatic…

(I usually stick with just using it with the PC for now.)

Console wheels are usually designed for lap placement. But most also come with attachments for securing it to a desk like regular PC wheels.

My xbox 360 and my PC are side-by-side, so I’m perfectly fine with clamping wheels to my desk, but I understand that some people do like to drive from their couch.