WWDC 2023 - Here comes Apple's AR headset!

$1199 for education, and it’s pretty easy to get that.

Yeah I got that one wrong. Super wrong. Come at me, guys!

I expected it to have a M2 Pro, but with a base M2 the price makes sense.

I’m glad the studio is getting refreshed!

Boo, @stusser! Boo!

Man that 15 inch MBA would be on my list if I wasn’t typing this on my OG MBP 16,

Jennifer’s jacket would make a good Macbook Air color. Just sayin’. Okay, I’ll stop now.

Problem with those MacBook Air 15 starting prices is I’m guessing it starts at 8GB of RAM which is just not right in mid-2023.

Since I do no gaming on my gaming laptop now that I have a Steam Deck and TV PC, I’m thinking hard on the 15" MacBook Air and selling my Zephyrus M16. The M16 is one of the best PC laptops I’ve used, but it’s optimized for performance over battery life and that’s just not my use case anymore.

How much RAM do you need on a MacBook nowadays?

Yeah, probably have add $200 to get to 16GB. Sigh.

If you aren’t doing anything intensive, 8GB RAM is probably fine.

LOL Mac Studio with M2 Ultra, 192GB RAM, and 8TB SSD is gonna be like $20k.

My oh my. The Studio upgrade is sexy.

It is. Totally not a product for a normal consumer like me, but I’m glad it exists. But it makes me wonder what the hell they can do in a Mac Pro.

I really wish they would stop comparing intel mac performance. It really is meaningless.

The mac pro will be expandable through PCI-e, primarily. Hopefully RAM and storage also.

Lot of those still out there.

You’re right!

OMG Mac Pro with M2. Shock of the year.

Ahh nice, the new mac pro didn’t leak.

Waiting to see the Mac Pro price given the Studio price, lol.

I like hit it’s just tossed in with the regular updates. No big reveal video.

“Oh this old thing? Sure, here’s an update.”