WWF games

Yesterday my 7 year old nephew forced me to play some games with him on his Playstation. Most of the games were your typical standard console crap but one game really grabbed me - a WWF wrestling game.

Lot’s of fun and hilarious as well with reasonable graphics. What is the latest and greatest WWF game for PC’s ?

They don’t make them anymore. :( The last attempt to bring a big console wrestling game to PC was WCW, which THQ released in 1999. The fellow who reviewed it for me trashed it, as I recall.


Get a NES emulator and Pro Wrestling. That’s all you need. :D

“A winner is you!”

Hey I just noticed this new game coming from THQ - WWF Raw.

I’m not so sure about the game, but I definitely need some tight shorts with “The Rock” emblazoned on the front.

Which aparently ships this week (10/14, according to EBGames.com).


Well, given that the WWF is dead and the WWE is now the existent entity, there won’t be any more “latest and greatest WWF game for PC’s”, barring some odd retro thing.

From what i can tell it’s the same game that was released for the Xbox earlier this year. It was a fun game for a little while, but proved to be very shallow.

Want a good fighting/wrestling game? UFC Tapout for Xbox. Not much to do outside of the matches themselves (no real career mode etc…), but it’s amazing to play with some friends, especially if your skill levels are pretty even.

Yeah, Tapout makes for some crazy battles… it’s actually tiring to go through a 5-minute fight.

IMO, Crave’s UFC games are the best fighting games EVAR.

Fluid, smooth animations, great combo and counter moves and some devastating submission holds. You can pick up the game and have fun right away, and then take weeks memorizing the custom moves for your preferred fighter.