'nuff said.
(Haven’t had much time to explore, but the intro alone is worth the price of admission.)

No it isn’t.

If the intro was Carlin having cancer shoved up his ass while he spewed free money from his mouth, it would still not be worth it. Between your somehow admiration from a man who was neither funny nor edgy, when he was supposedly edgy and your use of “'nuff said”, I can only hope you actually do have cancer and your post is some kind of make wish gift to be closer to Tom Chick.

Or maybe you are George Carlin himself? Did you just pad out your post count to hit 40 and then think - now they won’t realize it is me, i have 40 posts, time for the old self promotion?? Seriously, who the fuck thinks this lame shit is funny?


I don’t get it. Is this some riff on a Carlin bit, or is dispensing cancer considered edgy comedy?

Chet, I imagine, doesn’t like outspoken, anti-religious comedians who cuss. Saw Carlin on Real Time last night. He don’t go over well with the flat headed religious right.

Maybe Chet just doesn’t like people who replace one reactionary, poorly thought-out position with another reactionary, poorly thought-out position but then proclaim themselves to be radical, independent thinkers. As someone who is probably as far left politically as Carlin is, I find his progressive posing embarrassing. I remember seeing his Denver Comedy Fest bit about how scandalous it was that this country has thousands of golf courses and a significant homeless problem – as if the cause of homelessness was lack of land. He then followed it up with a truly moronic depiction of religious faith, as if anyone who has a religious worldview (whether its Einstein, Percy, or Wittgenstein) is simply an idiot.

It’s fine with me if this high school dropout wants to define himself in opposition to the most empty-minded religious fundamtentalists or paper-thin bourgeois caricatures, and pretend that he is some sort of rebel because he likes to call God a cocksucker. With the exception of some his clever observations on language and advertising, his pseudo-intellectual schtick wear thin with me.

Then there’s people who take entertainers way too seriously.

Then there’s people who want to have it both ways.


Ironically (I think I’m using the word right) given Chet’s reply is that I my use of “'nuff said” was actually inspired by an OldManMurray review making fun of that term.

I agree with Midnight Son.

Carlin isn’t always top notch, but he is a very intelligent man and has some routines that make me laugh to the point of crying absolutely every time I listen to them.

To the original poster, obviously it isn’t “nuff said” perhaps you’d like to clarify what you’re trying to get across so people don’t jump on you from all angles?

Chet, jeeeeesus did Carlin impregnate your sister or something?

what the double post.

Carlin was a hell of a lot funnier 20 years ago. Sometime around 1990, the anger and bitterness overpowered the humor. The funny’s still there, but you have to listen between the “pissed” to find it.

I met him around 1986 when we had him on campus as part of a four-event series that we decided to call “Four Play Week.**” He was a really nice guy, surprisingly quiet, and almost shy.

Shame he’s going to Hell. :twisted:

**[size=2](Let me tell you, bringing Carlin to Mississippi – his first time ever – was scandalous enough. We possibly should have avoided that name for the series and the “See Lisa Bonet nude!” posters for Angel Heart when planning events in the town with the higest per-capita number of churches in the USA. The locals were, as they say, not amused. My fellow activities council officer and co-conspirator on that particular project went on to design the SOCOM series for the PS2.)[/size]

Yeh , I like Carlin 95% of the time.

The sanctity of life is pure gold.

Then there’s people who misapply a cliched phrase.

Your overanalysis of his comedy routine was pretty pathetic. His golf courses vs. homeless schtick in no way constitutes an argument… it’s just a humourous comparison. Only the most simplistic and literal minded person would think “Yes, we do need to get rid of golf courses in order to solve the homeless problem.”

Carlin doesn’t insult our intelligence by spelling out that such a direct comparison is merely a device for humour… he just assumes that we’re smart enough to figure that one out. He shouldn’t have underestimated human stupidity.

I still think he’s funny but I agree that his anger and bitter cynicism can overpower his jokes these days.

By “'nuff said”, I meant to say “if you like George Carlin, like I do, then you might might want to check out the site. You might find the intro particularly amusing. If you don’t like him, then by all means ignore this.” Like I mentioned, “'nuff said” actually was inspired by an OldManMurray review that was actually written by Chet. Oh, and the fact that you (Trixie) also like Carlin makes me even more eager to check out Spaulding Grey.

If people want to “take me on from all angles,” they can feel free. I actually found Chet’s response kinda funny. Oh yeah, and BTW, I’m not George Carlin, I’m American McGee.

Clearly a clever ruse. You are, in fact. American McGee’s George Carlin.

Actually, GMicek post above suggests that Chet might be American McGee’s George Carlin.

I’m glad the internet-style gang bang doesn’t get you down. Too often I see people jumping on each other over a wording choice, whether or not they know better (in fact in some people’s cases, in spite of the fact they know better) about the poster’s intentions. I’ve never heard of that Old Man Murray site, so I missed all those comparisons.

Anyway Spaulding Gray is a little different (I could have sworn there was no U in there, but I guess Tom Chick wouldn’t be wrong about something movie-related) than George Carlin, but he has a similar balance of wit and candidness.

I’m going to go listen to Airline Announcements again and die laughing.

I guess Tom Chick wouldn’t be wrong about something movie-related

Spaulding Grey is not really movie-related (he only flirted with movies), so it’s quite all right for me to be totally and completely wrong about the spelling of his first and last name. But I would never misspell, say, Leelee Sobieski’s name.

ObGeorgeCarlinRef: Not a fan, I must confess. He’s one of those guys who strikes me as someone who was really funny, you know, for his time.