X4 - Now with more flyable ships

How do I get rid of this message about turning off steering mode?

And I think the Station Construction tutorial is broken. I go to the ship and the alien guy just sits there and doesn’t tell me what to do.

Well a bunch of this tutorial stuff isn’t working so I guess I’ll just have to start a game and hope I can figure out what to do. Which option should I choose to start with? Young Gun, Dedicated Warrior, Untested Explorer? Something else?

Young Gun is a good generic start.

Will all the DLC be included in that?

Also, with the signal hunter mod, what do data leaks look like?

Yes. With signal hunter mod data leaks will look like mission objectives when you turn on scan mode near a station.

Regarding steering message notification, you can disable that in settings. Forgot how it’s called exactly, but it says “steering” something. Set it to Expert.

Awesome. Thank you! For your current playthru, what start did you use?

Untested explorer, but besides starting rep, location and ship it doesn’t matter at all. And you won’t have access to this start unless you have already progressed main quest in one of your games.

I recommend Argon Young Gun for a good start.

I broke down and bought the game rather than waiting on a sale. I cannot find this mod on Steam Workshop

Super dumb question. How do I know if I need to hire someone?

Also, can I accomplish this mission, or would it be really hard?

I haven’t played in a while, but it sounds like those missions that makes you shoot small hostile shuttles around stations, they are unarmed and you can mostly one shot them.

OK cool!

So I found a satellite with a data vault. I got in my spacesuit and swam around in scan mode and then it informed me I got it. Is it somewhere I open it? Or get infmormation from? Oddly it now says “Unlock Data Vault 1/29” I guess I’m collecting them for this martian dude? He didn’t ask for them yet but said he likes them.

You don’t have to hand anything in; the rewards from each vault are random inventory items and timeline lore in the encyclopedia.

So if it didn’t give me anything in my inventory, I should like in the encyclopedia. OK!

How do I know if I’ve found all the data leaks on a station?

This mod only increases signal range, there’s another one called Signal Hunter that highlights the points.

Regarding your screenshot, yes it’s doable early on.

If you need to hire someone you will get an upkeep mission for it in the mission manager.

They respawn constantly, they serve as randomly generated missions and giving you stuff to do. After a while you will completely stop doing them unless your goal is to get particular components or faction rep.

Sorry for the onslaught of questions. But I can’t find a mining laser or mining turret anywhere. Where might I find one? Also an auto-docking thingie? Last, is there a way I can rotate with an asteroid or match the tumbling so I can mine one? Though I’m trying to mine by shooting the tiny crystal outcrop since I can’t find mining equipment.

Thanks!!! :)

Mining, in my opinion, is best left to your hired hands. They won’t be mining those crystals but rather ore and silicon from asteroids. You can buy a mining ship and instruct the captain to mine/sell their goods. Getting a small mining operation going sets you up with a nice passive income throughout your game.

In terms of zapping crystals, you shouldn’t need a mining laser for that, any weapon will do.

For equipment for your ship, look for Equipment Docks and shipyards. There’s usually a couple in each faction’s space. If you’re friendly with a faction I think I recall even being able to ask them for directions?

Finally, I am not aware of a way to lock rotation with anything, though I haven’t played the game in over a year.