X4 - Now with more flyable ships


What the shit am I supposed to do with the scanner? What are these signals supposed to look like? Any help?

EDIT: Nevermind, it was just busted. A restart later and the signals are actually showing up now.


Alright, after an evening of bashing my head against it, I think I’m ready to actually start playing tomorrow. Looking forward to finally playing a new X game!


Let us know how it goes. Wondering whether to pick this one up.


Okay, now that I’m past trying to brute force my way through the tutorials, I’m really liking what I’m seeing and I’m getting into the groove now. I would almost advise against attempting anything but the basic tutorials that will teach you the controls. The trade tutorial I fought long and hard over and ended up making me way more confused than if I had just figured it out myself. Same with most of the map tutorials, to be honest. In any case, if you’re on the trade tutorial and can’t figure out how to proceed, it’s because the station you start by doesn’t have anything for sale, and you need to buy a unit to proceed. Explore around first to find some stations that actually sell something before attempting the tutorial.

I was also stuck on the scanner tutorial for a while. It says to fly around until you hear radio noises and then “look for the signal”. The problem is, you do this near a station, I was getting constant radio chatter from nearby ships and the station. I thought THOSE were the cues I was supposed to be waiting to hear before looking around. This was exacerbated by the fact that the tutorial was actually broken for me until I fully restarted the game, and no signal was actually around to be found. That… didn’t help with the confusion and the frustration. Anyway, I’ll do you a better scanning tutorial: turn on your short range scanner near a station and you’ll eventually see a swirling ball of colors. That’s the signal, just stick the nose of your ship in it and done.

Also, @Rod_Humble, I thought the superhighways were dumb in what little I played of X:Rebirth, but I quite like them here. I do a lot of my traveling in travel mode and only recently stumbled on highways, where I found them very helpful. It seemed more a major artery connecting some systems, but a lot of my time is spent off-road. The map certainly feels very very big and you need to explore around with your long-range scanner to find stations and other points of interest.


Thanks for the write up. Sounds promising… May pick this up tomorrow when I get home.


Is there much of a story in X4 or is it more of a Mount and Blade in space?


There is indeed a plot.


So we need a tutorial for playing the tutorials. :)

I’m digging this game. Pre X:Rebirth X games are some of my best gaming experiences. This one is going to be a good one. I’m feeling it.


Are you still playing the single human being in the galaxy from the first X-Beyond the Frontier who gets thrown into another part of the galaxy colonized by many alien races and a human-like race?


Bah. No vulkan in my PC for some reason, and I was avoiding updating drivers unless I absolutely have to, which might be the case. But I’m not doing that now. Or maybe this weekend. Waaaay too tired to risk sessions of troubleshooting or anything of the sort.


I don’t think so?


Heh. I figured. I have no idea what happened since the first X, but that was the story setup in the first game. You did your little tutorial “fly through these rings” section in Earth orbit, and then you tested a new kind of faster than light drive for the first time, and you ended up in the X-universe basically, full of races that are trading and fighting. But I remember everyone you meet said you look like members of one particular race that already exists in that part of the galaxy.

I always figured the goal in X was to somehow get back to Earth again, but I have no idea if that’s where the story went or not. Or if humans ever made it off of earth besides just the one guy that you play in X.


So you guys have managed to configure your joysticks/HOTAS with this thing? Last night I spent a while with very little success - it feels like there’s a massive deadzone or something and no input registers unless a good yank is given at the stick. I was contemplating to play with mouse and keyboard…


I’m only a little over an hour in, but I’m enjoying things. No problems, and I’m using keyboard/mouse. Had to go with the medium graphic settings, but I’m getting a new video card next week.

I did the flight and scanning tutorial so far, but I went and tried a scan on my own and now I’m running a series of missions for some alien scientist. I may have just struck out on my own a bit prematurely - it has been ages since I played Terran Conflict.


God no. Apparently I’m not the only one, the thread about it on Steam is huge.


I definitely think I have strayed too far off the quest path, I should probably go back to it. I struck off on my own riding the highway then trying to do some trade runs. Trying to find places to buy stuff I just bought is proving difficult.

Edit: Obsidian Ant to the rescue, trade tutorial showed me how.

This is fun.


Was going over the thread now. Argh.


I don’t have room for my HOTAS with my current setup, so I’m using a gamepad and it’s been working well. I’m a huge fan of my HOTAS but I don’t think X really justifies it. The flight model is passable but it ain’t no Elite: Dangerous, if you know what I mean. Gamepad with rumble feels good on this one.


I may give my joystick a try tonight, but may also try a gamepad. I really never have become comfortable with a gamepad as a gamer, at least not analog sticks, but I really don’t want to control everything with just a keyboard. That was really weird.

If I could just steer with the mouse and shoot, it might be okay, but my mouse does nothing by default.


In X:TC/AP, I ended up just using mouse and keyboard. The abstraction it offers from dogfighting controls seemed to fit the game. Most of the time, I was allowing my ship to fly itself while I controlled my empire from the cockpit.

Autopilot in X4 is problematic right now – more so than in the older games even. And I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the menu system mouseless – like a programmer.

Watched a little bit of someone playing LitCube’s mod for Albion Prelude and I’m missing the clarity and depth from that game. This launch, though, has been better than any in the series since X:BtF; patience will again be required before it fully bakes. But it seems like the base of another brilliant entry into the series is there.