Xbox 360 broken discs

Does anyone have any experience with a disc getting broken inside a 360? Its only happened to one of ours, but we actually heard it break. It didn’t shatter, but had a break from the edge to the middle.

On a related note, the disk that broke was modern warfare 2. I tried to contact the publisher to see if they would let me buy a replacement disk, but haven’t had any luck getting an actual human response. Anyone tried to replace a broken disk? I laughed at the guy at best buy who wanted me to buy the warranty for the disk. I’m sure somewhere karma is laughing at me.

My friend had good experience with gamespot on a huge scratch from his disk (it was also MW2). He walked in asking if they could fix it and they said no but they offered to sell him the replacement warranty (like $3) instead of buying a new one so he did and they gave him a new disk. Pretty cool of the clerk.

Just curious if your game was installed to a hard drive or other device or if you were running the game from the disc. I install all my games to avoid issues like this and wanted to see if I wasn’t wasting my time.

It was running from the disk. Makes a great arguement to upgrade from the 20 gig hard drive doesn’t it.

It’s a smart move from microsoft. Toyota should also come out with something similar, like a Premium Braking Package.