Xbox 360 N-Adapter

I am not sure if this has been asked or posted, search really didn’t show me anything.

Microsoft in an effort to increase stock prices and increase sales has released the Xbox 360 network n-adapter. While I spent $99 previously for the old wireless adapter, this one is also $99 but is it worth it?

In the past I have had some lags issues but I believe it to be router configuration issues but is it really worth upgrading my router and this adapter? Is there considerable difference?


Are you asking if wireless-N is better than wireless-G? It is. Are you making a statement about Microsoft’s business practice of releasing new product from time to time? I think that’s pretty normal.

FWIW I used to use a Linksys N bridge on my Xbox and it worked great.

I upgraded to a wireless-N router and picked up the adapter too, and I have had much better luck with my 360’s networked performance. I could usually count on getting dropped out of a Left 4 Dead or ODST game if it ran long enough, plus I could rarely sustain an HD streaming movie on Netflix but I haven’t had these problems since upgrading. Of course whether it’s worth the cost is going to be a judgment call for you, but it is definitely an improvement.

My advice is to not subsidize MS’s wireless screw job and get a decent powerline networking setup that can provide a connection to everything in your living room.

Another vote for powerline networking. It works like a dream and it’s super simple to set up. I freaking LOVE mine.

$99 when a decent USB n-adapter can be had for under $50 is robbery. Powerline is cheaper and will save you the hassle of wireless. Of course wireless-N is faster.

Doesn’t powerline always require a minimum of two adapters to function? I don’t think it’s cheaper.

The easier and cheaper way would be to buy a cheap DD-WRT compatible wireless N router and turn it into a bridge.

It was a bust in our house, because it’s old and we have two different breaker boxes.

But to get back to the OP, I would recommend an N adapter. I’m using a D-Link, I believe. Rock solid so far.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

$87 Trendnet pair shipped from Newegg. 85mb will get you full internet speeds, go faster if you want to stream media or do other sorts of large file transfers.

This is single-to-single, you wont get a 4-port switch at each end like with this Netgear set Fry’s is selling for $99. I paid $120 for that set and continue to feel like it was worth it. Maybe my house has a lot of interference, but wireless console connections have never worked to my satisfaction.

I experimented a bit with powerline adapters. The pair I bought were rated to 200mb but in actual use it was much lower. Better than G speeds but lower than the Wireless N speeds I get on 360.

Yup, we did a test recently and none of the units came near their rated speeds - of course neither does wireless gear, but N is faster than powerline.
But that adapter is really expensive and I have no idea how close to rated speeds it is and how well it works with various n-routers.

I’ve been using one of these. I picked it up at Best Buy a while back…think it was about $80. Haven’t had trouble gaming or streaming Netflix or anything else.

What does the PS3 have for its wireless? It sounds like if I have more than one console, i’m better off getting the powerline adapter, though i have no idea how well it will work in an apartment.