Xbox 360 price break info?

So, we overpaid in our taxes last year so I’m looking at spending part of the refund on a toy I’ve long denied myself: an Xbox 360. Is there any word (or even likely rumor) about a price break on the Premium system? I’d hate to buy the thing and then have it drop a month later. But I don’t want to wait forever, either.

I wouldn’t expect to see it drop any time soon.

Yeah, it’s unlikely with the Elite about to come out. They wouldn’t want to increase the price gap between the two systems, I wouldn’t think.

Though, a good way to convince the misses:

“Hey, the are upping the price of the 360, we better get one now!”

“really? okay, well, we don’t want to overpay”

“no doubt.”

My friend did it to his dad. It worked.

Also I can’t imagine they’d drop the price without an event to key the price drop around. And the release of a new, more expensive SKU is clearly their spring 07 event.

I’d guess Q4 07 or Q1 08 before they seriously think about it.

Alas. Thanks for the info, though.

Isn’t the rumor that they’re going to discontinue the elite after a few months and roll its features (minus the black color) into the premium for $400?

I think that’s been debunked by MS when the Elite was officially announced though…I suspect we’ll see one by this Holiday season, but it should stay pretty firm until then.

That said, I would haunt deal sites like Slickdeals or Cheap Ass Gamer looking for a good discount or bundle on an Xbox 360 before buying.

There is no reason for MS to drop their price until Sony does, unless they start viewing the Wii as a serious threat. With Sony dropping the 20GB ps3, there is a 200 dollar price gap between the systems.

There’s supposedly a permanent PS3 price drop coming to Europe later this year.
Many big UK stores have already chopped £25 off the RRP. The total drop
might be as much as a sixth of the price off.

If they don’t drop the price they’re all getting shipped back to Sony who will eat the cost. So damn right they’re getting a price drop.